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Tecnical Specifications:
Dimensions: 2.0 x 1.0 m (custom dimensions on request)
Load capacity: up to 2.0 m 750 kg/m², 1500 kg/platform
Max. structure height: without additional bracing 2.0m, with additional diagonal bracing 4.0 m (as per construction report)
Height adjustment: snap-in legs 60x60 mm
Weight: app. 39.0 kg
Profile/stacking height: 9.8 cm
Cover place:
wood core plywood plate 22 mm
weatherproof screeprint plate, carpet, parquet, laminate, LBP, chequer plate, perspex, etc.
Certificates: TÜV/GS, verified statics, DIN 4112, 1055, 15920
Accessories: binders, staircase, banister, transport trolley, diagonal supports, stage skirting

Product description

Platform with snap-in legs for extreme heights and loads. With heavy-duty frame made from aluminium profiles with integrated multifunction track for the attachment of accessories, such as banisters or skirting. Fitted with a 25 mm thick cover plate, it comes complete with binders.

Heavy-duty corners with excentric bracing take 60 mm square tube snap-in legs of either fixed or telescopic construction. Can be used with structure heights of up to 2.00 m without the need for additional diagonal bracing, or up to 4.00 m with additional bracing (as per construction report).

Its sturdy construction and high stability under load allow for the construction of large-scale stage and rostrum units. It is these properties which make this product a favourite of professional users and promoters of large events. Custom components, true-to-size fitting pieces, supplementary parts and an extensive range of accessories provide for the realization of individual and particularly challenging structural variations.

Fitted with optional floor coverings, the platform lends itself to providing the perfect solution for the construction of large stage, rostrum and choir stage structures, not just for indoor, but also for outdoor use.


The snap-in legs are inserted - for telescopic legs, in pre-adjusted form - and fixed in place with excentric levers, without much effort and in no time at all. For storage and transport purposes, they are stored inside the platform and are therefore always readily available. Once the platform is turned over and inter-clamped with binders, this stage is ready for use.


Modular platform models

Mod. FIX



Mod. SCISSOR 80/100

Mod. TRENOMAT 1000




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