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Variable speed motor cutting RETMALIFT®

Motorized cutting system RETMALIFT for theaters RETOM

- The design of them allows its placing in the plate or over it, depending on the particular features of each center.

The fixation set is designed exclusively for each one of the installations, studying the entire set of the structure where they are going to be placed in order to guarantee the integrity of itself, under the action of the loads that these elements introduce on it.

- The handling of the variable speed motorized cuts RETOM can be performed locally or through the different control keypads that are designed attending to the needs of each project. The control software that they include is of own production entirely oriented to the show biz, so it is totally configurable to the customer's criteria.

A fast response against possible failures or modifications that may be required in a future are also guaranteed, because of modifications, extension of the equipment, new functionalities, etc.

- All the manufacturing process, from the design to the post-selling service is designed under the law ISO 9001, that ensures the quality of the final product, so as to a total adaptation of the initial requirements.

- Compact whole composed by screwed drum divided in independent zones with capacity for the entire route of the wire plus three security turns with double fixation with machined flanges security system.

- Action system composed by gear motor endowed with a double brake of an extremely silent performance.

- Pulley block of scrollable rail pulleys to optimize the entry angle of the wire to the drum.

- Tensor roller with a wire overflow over the drum detection system.

- Encoder located in the motor axis, such as security upper and lower limits.

- Variable speed through the use of electronic variators.

- Load capacity depending on the speed as described in the graphic.

- The speed and the maximum load capacity will adapt according to the needs of each customer.

Design and fabrication according to CWA 15902

Motorized cutting system RETMALIFT for theaters RETOM

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