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Accessories Our production and product range offers a wide variety of accessories and supplementary fittings to perfectly adapt every stage to individual requirements.

1. Snap-in legs - Thanks to the flexibility of our corner supports, snap-in legs of widely differing designs can be used: a) a version for fixed stage heights, 50/50/2 mm or 60/60/3.5 mm, optionally using lamelar caps, levelling devices, rubber feet or adjustable feet with threaded inserts, b) a round version, 48/3 mm, with rubber feet or levelling devices, c) a height-adjustable version with telescopic legs, 60/60/2, including foot caps or rubber feet, and our comfort version d), telescopic locking feet with pre-set height adjustment - the perfect solution for any floor covering, any degree of wear and any situation.

2. Access staircase - suitable for any type of indoor or outdoor stage, designed either as a modular or snap-in staircase, fitted with respective handrails.

3. Stage skirting - smooth or pleated, made from Trevira CS, produced in accordance with DIN 4102 and complete with fleece and Velcro strip, for fast and smooth attachment to the respective track provided inside the aluminium profile. In addition, wooden skirting is available in any required heights.

4. Banister - A large range of the most varied anti-fall guards and safety rails, all complying with current safety regulations, also available as rostrum banisters with verticals safety rods.

5. + 7. Cover plates and floor coverings - optional floor coverings, such as weather-proof screenprint plate, chequer plate, linoleum, carpet, parquet, laminate, perspex, tiles or stone are available on request. Our latest technical development, using a weather-proof lightweight plate, offers a lightweight alternative to our weather-proof screenprint plates.

6. Equipment hatches - considerably facilitate the provision of electric power to the stage, and are available in different sizes and designs.

8. Ramps - provide easy and comfortable access to the stage for wheelchair-dependent performers, or for taking instruments or scenery onto the stage. Custom-matched to your chosen floor covering, they represent the ideal complement to make the whole stage into a compact whole.

9. Transport and storage trolleys - in various designs a) trolley, b) snap-in roller set with push handle (platform conversion to storage trolley), c) vertical stacker for small passageways, d) stack carriage and e) banister and accessories trolley, complete with polyamide or Vulkollan rollers, or pneumatic tyres. Also suited for sensitive floor coverings such as parquet or sports flooring.


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