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Carril riel de cortina RETOM

American curtain rail is the element that allows automate the opening and closing of the curtain, allowing this process to perform in a silent way, with uniform motion, abruptness free.

The motion of the curtain can be effectuated with set or variable speed, using for that an electronic speed driver. It can be also effectuated the opening and closing of itself on a manual way, if required.

The curtain rail manufactured by Maquiescenic Industries has a structure of great stiffness and lightweight at the same time, there are located the motor equipment, pulleys, slides with bearings and hooks for the curtain, and all those elements that obtain the excellent results that not only the spectators can appreciate.

The structure has moorings to connect the curtain of a poised or motorized court and make that the same American curtain performs the function of a stage curtain if the vertical dimensions of the stage box allow it, increasing the scenic resources of the room, without adding additional elements.

Rail handling is very simple, consisting of a control keypad equipped with opening and closing pushbuttons, located at the stage bottom and in the control cabin in order to perform remote shunting. Even it also can be supplied with an IR remote control if requested, expanding the versatility of this element.

Curtains opening systems for theaters:

  • Curtains Venice
  • Curtains American
  • Rolling curtains
  • Guillotine curtains
  • Curtains Australian
  • Curtains Italian
  • Curtains French
  • Curtains Roman

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