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Cutting of lathe manual CT

Cutting of lathe manual RETOM

As in counterbalanced cuts, wall lathe cuts have the function of manipulating decorations and electrified bars of considerable weight to be able to be manipulated manually.

The wall lathe cuts manufactured and installed by Industrias Maquiescenic, incorporate, conveniently located in the work gallery or any other place that is requested, a lathe equipped with a threaded cable reel drum, activated by a removable crank to leave a greater space for passage in the area. where the aforementioned lathes are located.

The set incorporates the necessary landing and shooting pulleys to connect all the lines to the wall winch. Industrias Maquiescenic has recently developed a lathe system that has characteristics that make it unique in the national market, such as a threaded drum divided into the same number of independent zones as the number of shots, avoiding the crossing and overlapping of cables from different pulleys. , and, a mobile motorization system valid for all existing lathes that, by means of a simple actuator, allows it to be attached to any lathe and leave it ready to be operated by raising-lowering buttons.

The comfort and ease of use of this system are its main strengths and will make it one of the systems most appreciated by the personnel in charge of handling the stage equipment.

Cutting of lathe manual RETOM

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