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Fire curtain RETOM model T/VBH/E is an element of great importance inside the stage equipment, because its function, avoid the pass of smokes and flames in case of fire, is of a great responsibility and is imperative that its performance be reliable, fast and secure.

For these reasons Industrias Maquiescenic, underwent this element to a Fire resistance test, under the UNE 23-802-79 law in order to verify that it fulfills the required specifications and check the time in which this element is stable against the flames. The results obtained were unbeatable. The frame may be produced of only one sheet or several, depending on the available space in the scenic box and to proceed to the hiding of itself in its resting position. The frame mentioned is mobilized through the use of a patented winch motor engine that has a wire winding drum attached to the power equipment and to a hydraulic system in order to control the frame descent by gravity, producing a totally adjustable ramp in the descent speed when the frame is near to the closing height. Instead of the motor engine, the actuation of the curtain can be effected through a hydraulic cylinder fed by PBX.

The frame movement is facilitated by the use of counterweights located in the sides of the frame itself in an appropriate quantity according to the total weight of the structure that the mentioned frame integrates, whilst the fire resistance of itself adjusts to the customer's requirements with the use of the appropriate mineral fibers inside.

Fire curtain control system is connected to the anti-fire protection system of the building, so as if any emergency is produced; the curtain will isolate on a completely sealed way the fire and the smoke from the orchestra and stage for a long period of time enough to allow the correct evacuation of the building. Fire resistance EI-60 EI-90 EI-120.

The fire curtain is manufactured and installed according to the technical building code in force.

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