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Stage equipment
Compressed gases

Industrias Maquiescenic, are structured in the following business' lines:

- Design, manufacturing and installation of stage equipments in theaters, auditoriums, Congress Halls and scenic and cultural areas in general.

- Design, manufacturing and installation of lifting equipments in order to do away with architectural barriers, industrial elevators, etc. installing products such as industrial platforms, stairlifts, platforms for disabled people and vertical lift.

- Design, manufacturing and installation of industrial gas handling equipment, shipment, and storage of industrial gas bottles and medical gases.

Industrias Maquiescenic, offers a personalized service adapted to the client needs through their departments:

Customer's Care and Satisfaction

As one of the actions of the quality management system, the organization will make a track of the information related to the client's perception in regard to fulfill his requirements by the Company.

Quality Department

ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The ISO 9001 specifies the requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS) focusing on the efficiency of the quality management to comply the client needs. Thereby, becomes an essential tool to guide the processes towards the client, and provides a starting point that allow organizations advance to excellency.

The certification is carried out by an independent entity of the stakeholders, by which manifests the compliance of a company, product, process, service or person with the requirements defined in rules or technical specifications.

Projects Department

Our technical staff designs and manufactures in constant technological innovation using CAD/CAE/CAM systems, forming a professional team to complete the most demanding projects of our clients with maximum efficiency.

Technical Support

The most professional technical support.
A complete team of experts in Stage Equipments is available to answer queries about the use of our machinery.
To contact with our Technical Department, you can do it via phone, fax or e-mail.

Human Resources Department

The aim of our system is to provide support to the management of the human resources; both management and operative levels, providing information that may be used in planning processes.

The system is organized into cooperative modules, whose specific projects can be stated as:
Ease registration, update and staff consultation. Generate information on a global perspective, including summaries of positions by sector, by source of funding, by type of positions, inter alia.

Ease and support the realization of administrative checks that tend to strengthen the management according to the staff assistance register and the administrative rules applicable.

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