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Cuts counterweighted air RETOM

The aerial counterweight cut RETOM, has been designed to accommodate to the function of supporting elements that should be very close to the mouthpiece (stage curtain...), where no non-aerial counterweight cut can be placed.

Similarly, depending on the width to cover and consequently of the batten dimension, the number of throws placed is the most appropriate for each concrete case, being the main elements that compose the cut:

The counterbalanced carriage itself, where the casting counterweights are placed, the forwarding pulleys (in the case of the double effect counterweight cut) and other suspension accessories.

It has a 'maromillo' braking system at the bottom of the stage for the handling of it.

The batten is suspended through steel wires widely dimensioned for the load to manipulate, equipped with tensioners for the correct leveling of the set and allowing an uniform tension distribution between all the existing throws.

The aerial counterweight cut is handled through the control 'maromillo', manufactured in quality hemp plant, connected to the carriage, allowing its movement with smoothness and little effort by the sceneshifter.

Industrias Maquiescenic installs the necessary elements for the correct performance of the cuts, such as wire guides and head and throws bedplates, or facilitating the necessary data for the correct placing and mounting of themselves, offering its technical services so that the final result is totally satisfying.


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