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Motorized cutting lathe LEV/EVO

Corte torno motorizado mod. EVO/LEV RETOMSET EVO/LEV

Lathe mod. EVO activated by motorized system mod. LEV (SET EVO / LEV)

Motorized lathe cutting EVO, is generally incorporated into the gallery work of the various scenic areas and can handle a load of 300 kg.

The assembly incorporates the necessary landing and shooting pulleys to connect all the shots motorized cutting lathe.

Industries Maquiescenic has developed a system lathe which has characteristics such as the drum threaded divided into the same number of separate zones that number of shots has, avoiding the crossing and overlapping of wires from different pulleys, and a mobile system LEV engine model, valid for all EVO winches, which by an actuator, can attach to any EVO around and leave ready to be driven by up-down buttons.

The comfort and ease of use of this system are its main strengths and make him one of the most popular systems for personnel management of stage equipment.


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