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Stage equipment
Compressed gases


Tecnical Specifications:
Dimensions: 2.0 x 1.0 m (custom dimensions on request)
Load capacity: 750 kg/m², 1500 kg/platform
Max. structure height: 1.33 m from upper edge of pit
Height adjustment: 0.20, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20, 1.50 m
from above through cover plate
via Bowden cable system (custom heights on request)
Pit depth: 0.20 m
Profile height: 9.0 cm
Cover place:
wood core plywood plate 25 mm
weatherproof screeprint plate, carpet, parquet, laminate, LBP, chequer plate, perspex, etc.
Certificates: TÜV/GS, verified statics, DIN 4112, 1055, 15920
Accessories: staircase, banister, transport trolley, stage skirting

Product description

Stationary scissor platform, made from aluminium throughout, complete with power-assisted height adjustment. Profiles complete with integrated multifunction track for the attachment of accessories, such as banisters or skirting. Platform height is adjusted via insertable handles directly through the cover plate, reducing the force required to less than 25 kg/platform, thanks to four gas-pressure springs which support lift.

Suitable for quick and easy alterations to hall floors in any multifunctional venue. These platforms are fitted into a pit only 18-20 cm deep (depending on the type of surface covering) below hall level, and are set exactly level on a height-adjustable substructure. In a lowered state, the cover plates finish flush with hall levels, with a gap pattern of 5 mm.

There is no need for elaborate delivery and collection procedures or any related storage capacities for this system at all. The outstanding features of this platform are its short construction times, low manpower requirements, and the minimum effort required for construction. As little as 2 persons are required for construction, and setting it to the required height takes just about 30 seconds.

Fitted with optional floor coverings, for instance parquet, carpet, linoleum, tiles, natural stone or chequer plate (A1 fireproof design), this platform provides everything required for a visually appealing and functional room design.


Open the locking system by taking off the covering caps and inserting the two handles. The height adjustment mechanism is unlocked centrally, using one of the inserted handles. The platform is raised to the required height and is quadruple-locked by simply turning the handle once again. A safety device ensures that the platform automatically latches and locks at the next lower height setting in case the platform's adjustment mechanism is involuntarily released. Remove handles and cover the locking mechanism with covering caps. To lower the platform, perform the above procedure in reverse order.


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