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Concha acústica / Acoustic shell RETOM

Concerts chamber allow the centers to endow a polyvalence on its use as Auditorium or Theater, because this element gives the stage area the necessary acoustic features for live music performance.

Concerts chamber consists on various modules of adjustable roof and side and bottom panels, being all of these elements totally retractable in order to not hinder the stage when is used as a theater or conference room, etc.

There is a large variety of constructive solutions, always adapted to the features of the studied center, because all of these elements are totally designed specifically for each one of them. Finishes can be of any type of Wood or any other material that the customer or the acoustic suggest.

Roofs are endowed with adjustable illumination for a proper view inside the concert chamber.

INDUSTRIAS MAQUIESCENIC, S.L. has developed lots of acoustic shells always with optimum results, both aesthetically and acoustically, also prioritizing simplicity in the mounting and dismounting operations in order to reduce the time required in complete them.

chamber concerts, acoustic shell.


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