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Stage equipment
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Trenomat RETOM
  • Removable platforms, removable pallets, motorized platforms, removable stages, modular stages, aluminum stages, pallets systems, trenomat pallets, modular technical floor.
  • Pavements for stages
  • Removable pavements
  • Stands
  • Stagecraft
  • Removable pavements, gateways, platforms, events
  • Modular platforms nivoflex

Modular platform models

Mod. FIX



Mod. SCISSOR 80/100

Mod. TRENOMAT 1000




Presentation Unit


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"A stage is easily built", that's how you could summarize the advantages of a mobile stage in a single sentence. There are a great variety and an almost unlimited number of ways for its use and construction.

Easily and quickly constructed and dismantled, and stored in an extremely compact space on transport and storage trolleys, a mobile stage system is the ideal basis for the versatile operation of any type of venue.

Art centres, theatres, town and sports halls, churches, schools, hotels or TV studios - we provide for multifunctional und flexible use of any venue.

All system components can be combined with each other and are compatible with just about any other third party products. Across the decades, a consistently high level of quality, excellent durability and an extensive range of accessories, extensions and replacement parts will enable you to create a complete stage box, a canopied outdoor stage, a complete choir stage unit or a grandstand from just a few mobile stage units, bit by bit.

Our experienced and skilled team looking after construction, development and production at our own production facilities safeguard the high level of quality of our products, which consistently fulfil the most up-to-date technological and safetyrelated standards. All our products are TÜV-approved and comply with all applicable safety regulations.

Employing mobile dance, disco effect and protective floors allows for the effective and impressive alteration of a venue's ambience with simple means, either temporarily or permanently. Supplemented by appealing textile décor, such as curtains and blinds, every event is lent its very individual style.

There's a perfect solution for any event, for any purpose and for any budget - and we will find it for you! Put us to the test!

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