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Videoconferencing systems

Sistemas de videoconferencia RETOM

Videoconferencing is an interactive system that allows multiple users to keep a virtual conversation via live streaming of video, audio and text through the internet.

These systems are specially designed to carry on sessions of training, work reunions, product demonstrations, support, customer care, products marketing, etc.

Videoconferencing systems for business, conference centers, conference hotels, conventions, congress and events in general terms.

Sistemas de videoconferencia RETOM

Videoconferencing systems provide, on a reliable way; microphone, audio, video and illumination systems to each participant in the event. All these can be controlled from a presidential table and through one or several touch screens, allowing the interaction with the control software, being able to authorize and visualize the activation of the microphones, and also control and visualize word request shifts of each one of the attendees.

Thanks to these systems, including brands such as Bosch or Sony, we achieve a room ready for proceedings and which can be, with no need of replacement, extended implementing simultaneous translation, electronic voting, presence control, CCTV, etc.

Videoconferencing in education

This technique includes a new concept of education itself that overcomes the physical separation barriers, in order to allow new ways of organization, methodologies and interactions.

The use of videoconferencing by teachers and students suppose many benefits for the educational institutions.

  • Costs savings, prevents displacement and diem costs.
  • Ideas, knowledge and information interchange.
  • Increase in productivity and competitive advantage between the users of this technological resource.
  • An additional alternative for a better exploitation of the computing resources.
  • Bring together students located in different geographical places.
  • Plan investigation and cooperation strategies.

Student’s motivation is very important, inform them of the experience that they are going to be submitted, which are going to be the technical resources, the subjects, duration, the participants in the experience, which contemplates a previous period of subject selection and methodology survey, so as the more appropriate pedagogical materials to accompany the class (notes, videos...).

The above helps us to reflect and multiply the benefits of videoconferencing in education, besides this will imply an innovation for teachers, changes in their methodologies and the necessity of being technologically competent.


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