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Stairlift seat CURVED STRETCH

Silla salvaescaleras tramo curvo - RETOM

Navigate autonomously in the face of difficulties.

The RETOM chair mod. RFX provides you with a safe and comfortable way to go up and down stairs.

Each chair is custom made to fit your home and lifestyle.
They have a number of features cleverly designed to be quick and easy to install, and most importantly, to be used by you comfortably.

Our unique rail system makes a RETOM mod. CURVO can be installed on any type of ladder; and what is even better, in just a matter of days.

The visit of one of our representatives will allow you to see the difference of RETOM to other manufacturers. After assessing your needs, our advisor will immediately inform you of how affordable a RETOM chair is.

Demo video

Many stairs have turns or have limited space at the beginning and end of the staircase. In these cases, you will need to install a curved stairlift.

The RETOM chair mod. RFX has a unique modular system, which makes it possible to install even the most complex stairs. Precise measurements are taken to create a design that when installed will follow the path of your staircase to the millimeter.

Comfort: The RFX redefines maximum comfort. It offers ergonomic and innovative features designed in detail with you in mind. The backrest and padded seat have been specifically designed with a gentle incline that, in combination with the adjustable seat height and footrest, promote a comfortable, natural and personalized sitting position.

Designed for effortless life, the RFX is available with fully automatic folding at the push of a button. This unique feature lets RFX get the job done so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits from start to finish.

Experience the convenience of RFX and choose from our contemporary collection of high-quality fabrics and finishes to truly integrate your stairlift into your home.

Security: The RFX stair lift has been designed and tested according to the most demanding standards (Machinery Directive 2006/42 / CE and EN 81-40), to offer total safety when moving around your home.

RFX's innovative armrests offer several key benefits. They have an ergonomic conical shape designed to offer you additional support when getting up and sitting down. Plus, thanks to the unique access position with open armrests, transferring to a stairlift has never been easier. Finally, the smart detection device in the armrest prevents movement when the armrests are not in the correct position, thus offering complete peace of mind. The RFX's seat belt and wraparound one-handed armrests keep you safe throughout the ride. Rest easy as color-coded indicator lights put you in command to check that your stairlift is working properly.

The RFX offers you an optional integrated call device feature (programmable up to three numbers) to ensure you stay connected with friends and family when using the stairlift.

Design: The RFX is our most complete curved stairlift. It has been designed to combine innovation with inspiring contemporary design by Pearson Lloyd.

When you choose the RFX design, you are ensuring a perfect fit for you and your home. You will receive a sleek, contemporary stairlift with custom options, with all the mechanics elegantly hidden. You will benefit from our most compact stairlift, with our most generous and comfortable seat design. Enjoy a smooth and safe ride as our ASL technology keeps the RFX perfectly level as you turn during your ride, ideal for stairs up to 610mm wide.

Silla salvaescaleras tramo curvo RFX
  1. The seat is always in the correct position to enter and exit safely
    The RFX rotates during the ride, making it quick and easy to get in and out at both the top and bottom of the ladder. At the top of the stairs, the seat can be swiveled away from the stairs so that you can safely exit the stairlift.
  2. We work tirelessly to provide you with safety, comfort and time savings
    ASL technology works while the stairlift is in motion. This allows you to avoid additional stops and twisting movements at the start, during and twisting movements at the start, during and at the end of the ride. This saves time and provides additional safety and comfort. The stairlift really does move smoothly.
  3. Internal or external rail on the steepest and narrowest stairs
    Even where the ladder is narrow and steep, the RFX can be installed closer to the step and on either side of the ladder. Your stairlift will be more secure and your stair will remain accessible to other family members in your home.
  4. Unique technology that can only be found with RFX
    Your well-being is important to us. When you choose ASL technology, the footrest rotates with the seat to ensure your legs and feet are kept in a natural and comfortable position, relieving any additional stress on your joints.


  • Standard vertical
    Standard vertical is the perfect solution if there is an obstruction such as a door near the bottom of the staircase. Standard vertical only occupies 175 mm in front of the first stalon.
    Standard vertical

  • Vertical 'short'
    When space is even more limited at the bottom, a 'short' vertical that only occupies 100 mm can be installed in front of the first step.
    Vertical 'short'

  • Horizontal
    If you have extra space at the bottom of the stairs, the horizontal rail allows the RFX to park away from the first step.
    Raíl horizontal

  • Parking curve
    A parking curve allows RFX to park perfectly clear of the staircase.
    Raíl curva de aparcamiento


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