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Stairlift seat CURVED STRETCH

Silla salvaescaleras tramo curvo - RETOM

Navigate autonomously face of difficulties.

The RETOM mod. R180 chair provides a safe and convenient way to climb stairs.

Each chair is tailor-made to suit your home and lifestyle.
They have a number of features cleverly designed to be installed easily and quickly, and more importantly, to be used by you in comfort.

Our unique, chair rails makes RETOM can be installed on any type of ladder; and what is even better, in a matter of days.

Visit one of our representatives will let you see the difference in RETOM to other manufacturers. After evaluating your needs, our advisor will immediately inform how affordable a chair RETOM.

Demo video

Many steps have turns or have limited at the beginning and end of the same space. In these cases, you will need to install a stairlift curve.

The chair RETOM mod. R180 curve has a unique modular system that allows installation even in the most complex stairs. Precise measurements are taken to create a design that when installed will follow the path of your staircase to the millimeter.


  • Padded seat and backrest provide comfort and extra support.
  • Directional switches that give you total control of the chair. They can be managed with the slightest movement, making them ideal if you have limited mobility.
  • Seatbelts in all our stairlifts, to make you feel safe at all times.
  • Our compact design has arms, seat and footrest fold, allowing other people in your household use the stairs normally.
  • Swivel seat allowing you to get on and off your stairlift without bending the body. Once turned on, have a stable to get off the chair when the end of the ladder base.
  • Direct attachment to the stairs estrucurales eliminates the need for alterations or repairs.
  • The key switch on / off the system provides additional security for the children.
  • A digital display lets you know the exact state of the stairlift at all times.
  • Five safety sensors on the footrest and seat stop the chair in the event of an obstacle.
  • We offer two remotes for you to comfortably move the chair along the staircase.


  • Overall height (from the floor)
  • Seat height
  • Overall depth (from the wall)
  • Overall depth (when folded)
  • Width of footrest
  • Total width
  • Seat width
  • 975 mm
  • 440 mm
  • 640 mm
  • 335 mm
  • 375 mm
  • 620 mm
  • 425 mm

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