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Platform Stairlifts RETOM Model ST-225

Platform Stairlifts RETOM Model ST-225

The best way to overcome barriers

Straight and curved lifting platforms for disabled guests. motorized drive. Suitable for wheelchair users of different sizes and weights.

Regulations: Under current Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and designed, security level, according to the harmonized European standard EN 81-40.

Load: 225 kg.
Speed: 0.1 m/s
Power: Single phase 230V 50/60 Hz

Supply voltage: 24 V supplied by two batteries located inside the machine.

Traction group: Groups grip on the guides, led by an irreversible gear motor.

Platform Stairlifts RETOM Model ST-225

Engine: 0.7 kW positioned on board, equipped with electromechanical brake.

minimum width of the staircase:
700x800 Base: straight staircase min 1050 mm - 1200 mm min curvaceous staircase
600x800 Base: straight staircase min 950 mm - 1070 mm min curvaceous staircase

Rail: composed of a double track circular and / or rectangular section, powder painted black (or galvanized in the case of outdoor equipment) - the setting is usually made by anchored to the steps carriers and / or studded wall.

Space occupied by the guide: straight: 150 mm - curvaceous: depends on the type of ladder.

Base: motorized and anti-crushing device opening.

Dimensions mm Width base 700 x D 800

Occupied by the closed platform space: 450 mm

Maneuver on board: continuous operation thanks to a switch with removable cable, which contains the buttons up, down, movement and base bar movement.

Maneuver to floors: with controls containing the call buttons and sending to the floor requested.
They work only with raised bar and the closed base.

Board trays: No. 2 with automatic movement, have access ramp function and anti-collision device.

Security Bar: present on the side down with motorized opening.

Safety devices: anti-collision and anti-crushing device, parachutes, trays for containment of the wheelchair, fixed handle support, emergency switch, electric limit mandatory safety takeoff.

Platform Stairlifts RETOM Model ST-225

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