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Frequent questions

Frequent questions



> Where can I install the lift?

> Lifts without maintenance price

> I have a very small gap for the lift. Do you have special solutions to install it?

> The gap is uneven: Do you have special solutions for it to install?

> I don't have a three-phase line. Can I install a lift?

> Can I customize the decoration of the lift's cabin?

> I don't have the possibility of getting the standard pit for the lift. Are there alternatives?

> I don't have the possibility of getting the standard escape for the lift. Are there alternatives?

> I have not enough height between floors, can I install a lift?

> What reactions does the lift transmit to the building?

> Has Industrias Maquiescenic high energy efficient lifts?

> What legal law do I have to fulfill?

> Lifting subsidies Castilla la Mancha

The lift is according to the Machine Directive 2006/42/CE so its merchandising is possible in any country of the European Union.

The lift is included in the IV annex of the Directive in the 17 category of lifting appliances for people and materials with risk of vertical fall over three meters. Depending on the model we apply one of the following evaluation procedures of the accordance with Aenor issued certificates:

- CE Type test according to the IX annex for the direct action model without doors in cabin.

- Total quality assurance according to the X annex for the indirect action model or the option of doors in cabin.

Lifts without the option of doors in cabin comply with the European harmonized law EN 81-41.

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