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Industrial hydraulic platforms Lift truck RETOM

Industrial hydraulic platforms - Lift truck RETOM

Very robust lifting platforms with the ability to transport large and small loads. They are specially designed to service industrial buildings, warehouses, stores, small shops, etc., that have the need to move goods of different sizes and weights.

A lifting platform for each application, and can be adapted load capacities, perimeter protection, lifting speed, etc.

For graphic reasons, some pictures are shown without protective walls or doors.

The gap must be completely closed (walls, floor and ceiling) by masonry or enclosure of sufficient strength to prevent entrapments.

Access to space must be equipped with approved access doors.

Technical characteristics

  • Load:
  • Maximum travel:
  • Speeds:
  • Useful platform surface:
  • 100 – 10.000 kg *
  • 12 m *
  • 0,1 - 0,2 m/s *
  • Adjusted as needed.

(*) Please inquire for other capacities and routes.

Industrial hydraulic platforms - Lift truck RETOM

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