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Elevadores verticales - RETOM

The high quality domestic elevator

The Single Family Property elevator "RETOM" is the perfect solution for overcoming architectural barriers through its easy installation and versatility; It allows us to adapt to any space size, orientation or need.

Our different models together with the multitude of high quality finishes and with the wide variety of accessories available make each unique and personal installation. This allows us to adapt to any public or private use, as well as any budget and taste of the client.

General characteristics

  • Matte white painted ceilings epoxy-polyester.
  • Metal panels covered with synthetic material highly resistant to wear and detergent.
  • Full panel pendant frosted stainless steel that incorporates a low-power fixture on top.
  • Pushbuttons high-end stainless steel perimeter bright electric blue and emergency stop button.
  • Alarm button.
  • Phone booth ready to connect to the line of the house.
  • Decorative mirror on the wall opposite the door (medium or column). Optional.
  • Railing.
  • Non-slip vinyl floor.
  • Plinth in brushed stainless steel.
  • Dimensions on demand.

Technical characteristics

  • Speed: 0.15 m/s
  • Maximum driving distance: 12m
  • Minimum pit: 12cm to 20cm (depending on the tour)
  • Flight: between 2,45m and 2,61m (depending on the pit and travel)
  • Load: 400kg (suitable for wheel chair accompanied and maximum dimensions of 1,10m x 1,40m)
  • Free passage of the doors: 80 cm and 90 cm (both valid for wheelchairs)
  • Interior cabin dimensions: 1.10 x 1.20 (valid for wheelchairs)
  • Cabin entry: Front, front and side (90°), front and back (180°)

Security systems

  • Wedging cable break.
  • Hydraulic parachute.
  • Cutting maneuver by loosening cables.
  • Emergency battery for power outage.
  • Automatic leveling.
  • Timer final safety of travel.
  • Alarm button.
  • Emergency light.
  • Physical travel stop.


  • Five cab models (each model is composed of different materials and finishes).
  • Possibility of incorporating mirror (in "column" format or "middle panel").
  • Custom measures adapted to the needs of each installation.
  • Single or double boarding with all possible combinations with respect to the guides.
  • Wide range of door systems cabin and floor (light barrier, with window or glass door painted in the color you want, glass door bus, bus gate, telescopic doors painted in desired color or stainless steel).

Model Estándar

Model Avanzado

Model Natural

Model Elegante

Model Exclusivo

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