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A feminist and sonorous allegation triumphs at the Almagro Classical Theater Festival

Monday, July 9, 2018

A feminist and sonorous allegation triumphs at the Almagro Classical Theater Festival

The feminist allegation of the writer María de Zayas, in the version of Nando López, has triumphed this Friday during its premiere at the International Festival of Classic Theater of Almagro, getting the Corral de Comedias to provide the actors and their director, Ainhoa ​​Amestoy, a long ovation with the audience on their feet.

"This time may not be yours or mine." With this visionary phrase written more than four centuries ago and compiled now by López, we could summarize the show that Amestoy has brought this year to the Almagreño drama contest and with which he has managed not only to hang the "no tickets" sign but also to conquer an audience that laughs, gets excited and even gets angry during the play.

Terms that four centuries ago were unthinkable such as mansplainig, sisterhood or patriarchy and that already appear in the novel by this writer, undoubtedly ahead of her time and that are reflected in fragments such as "there are several ignorant, that as if women They will take away the understanding for having him, they are consumed by the successes of others ".

In a fun, emotional and exciting proposal, agile and with very deep reflections, Ainhoa ​​Amestoy uses this text to touch on issues as deep as homosexuality, freedom and honor as a throwing weapon against women, female infidelity, the revenge of the woman or the contempt of anything of an intellectual nature done with women.

It is a very choral work, in which none of the actors shines above the other because they all do it from the moment they step on stage and are capable of maintaining an "incredible" height in all the dialogues, be it the more intellectual of Nise (Silvia de Pé); Octavio, a 'Don Juan' who seems to only think about one thing but who shows his human quality (Manuel Moya); Beatriz, the woman who hides a terrible secret and who uncovers the box of truths on a night of involuntary confinement (Lidia Navarro); and Manuel, the man who is unable to reveal his feelings but his nobility (Ernesto Arias).

And all this underlined by a successful sound space reconstructed by David Velasco that not only accentuates the action, but is also capable of moving the viewer in time and space, in addition to making them pass through the different emotional states of the characters.

The work, in which the battle of the sexes or mistreatment also appears, leaves for the viewer reflections such as that "the only truth is that I am not looking for an owner but a companion" or that "true love is in the soul, not in the body"; and that "loving the body with the body, cannot say that it is love, but appetite", questions that the spectator will be able to pose at the Corral de Comedias until Sunday, after which they will travel throughout the country including the Theater of the Madrid comedy in April of next year.

Love disappointments

Based on texts by María de Zayas y Sotomayor _ Nando López version_ Directed by Ainhoa Amestoy

Love disappointments - FIT Clásico de Almagro 2018

What happens when two seventeenth-century women take the floor and show their strongest and proudest side? And what if we dared to imitate them and bare our emotions? These are some of the questions posed by this acidic and, at the same time, thoughtful comedy, written by Nando López based on María de Zayas's Desengaños amoros and with which we at Estival Producciones have wanted to vindicate this author and transfer her modern look at the prism of contemporaneity. Four rebellious and complex protagonists will meet on stage: two women and two men who, victims of a confinement through no fault of their own, will have to share secrets, wishes and even a murder in the middle of a night on which it depends, if they know how to play their cards well, their whole future.

Ainhoa Amestoy

Almagro International Classical Theater Festival 2018

Almagro International Classical Theater Festival 2018

For yet another year, Almagro hosts its most recognized and longest running festival, currently considered the most important in the world in its specialty, which encompasses the theater of the 16th and 17th centuries. Almagro celebrates its 41st edition of the International Classical Theater Festival since last Thursday, the 5th and will last until Sunday, July 29.

The Festival is a place for exhibition and also for meeting between creators, professionals and specialists from various fields in Baroque theater, such as teachers, researchers, critics, directors, actors, producers, set designers, playwrights, specialized journalists, technicians and managers. Being an international event and serving all types of audiences, through its heterogeneous programming, it brings together spectators from all over the world and all ages.

See full program.

Palma, Feria de teatro del Sur

Monday, June 25, 2018

Palma, Feria de teatro del Sur Palma, Feria de teatro del Sur

The Theater Fair in the South of Palma del Río (Córdoba) is a municipal initiative that was born in 1984 with the aim of showing, promoting and disseminating the creations of the broad sector of theater and dance in Andalusia. Originally conceived as an "Andalusian Theater Show", in 1992 the organization model evolved to become a "Theater Fair", prioritizing and energizing the market role of the Andalusian scene / business forum. By age, it is the second initiative of these characteristics that exists in the Spanish territory (the Tárrega Fair arose in 1981) and the only one that exists in Andalusia.

During these years, the Palma del Río Fair has been the great benchmark for the defense and enhancement of the Andalusian performing arts. Over the years there has been a logical advance and a constant transformation of the project management and execution model, in line with the greater professionalization of the sector. In this sense, the Fair has been constantly renewing itself, changing forms, methods and approaches in an attempt to continuously adapt to the situation of the performing arts sector.

See full program.

Palma del Río es una ciudad situada al oeste de la provincia de Córdoba, en la vega del Guadalquivir. La ciudad de Palma del Río es un núcleo importante en el paso de Córdoba a Sevilla y ha sido una zona muy poblada por diferentes culturas, por lo que encontraremos una ciudad rica en historia, con un notable patrimonio histórico artístico testigo de las distintas épocas históricas que dejaron abundantes yacimientos arqueológicos en el municipio.

Grec Festival of Barcelona

Monday, June 25, 2018

Grec Festival of Barcelona

The Grec Festival of Barcelona is the main event in the city with theater, dance, music and the circus. It is a festival with a long tradition that in 2018 will reach its forty-second edition. El Grec has become during this time not only the main cultural attraction of the Barcelona summer, but also a reference in the European festival calendar.

Its name takes its name from the main space of the festival, where the opening sessions are invariably organized: the Teatre Grec de Montjuïc, an open-air theater inaugurated during the 1929 World's Fair.

El Grec is promoted by the Barcelona City Council, which at the same time involves a good number of businessmen and private promoters in the city, who to a large extent organize the shows and take on the production tasks. The festival is financed with public money, the contributions of the sponsors and the sale of tickets.

After forty years of history, the Grec Festival in Barcelona has become the leading producer of shows in Catalonia. Its mission is twofold: on the one hand, it supports local production and shows some of the best creations of Catalan collectives and artists, and on the other, it wants to be a window open to the world that presents from the city the most interesting proposals from different countries. Currently the festival is, in fact, the main showcase in the city to show shows produced abroad.

See Grec 2018 program.

Festival Clásicos en Alcalá

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Festival de Teatro Clásico de Cáceres

Tempus fugit, time flees, time flies ... the transience of time ... the ephemeral transience of the theater. The tireless and unattainable search for the present, for that present that suspends time and that, in the recollection or hubbub of the theater, takes us to another space-time, that of imagination and fantasy, and invites us to enjoy taking advantage of the maximum the time that we have to live.

This, then, is the invitation, the proposal of Clásicos en Alcalá 2018: to live intensely the present moment - ephemeral, unique, unrepeatable - in all its dimensions and possibilities.

A Festival of Classical Theater, vitalist and, therefore, contemporary in its broadest and most relevant sense. Taking over the obvious obviousness that all art produced today is obviously current, and therefore contemporary, what this artistic direction proposes for Clásicos en Alcalá is the revitalization of the legacy of the Clásicos in the present, and in what the future enlightens us, which is the territory that is incumbent upon art, to glimpse and anticipate its own times, braiding that subtle line of deep and spiritual action that is that of works of art throughout history.

In everything that happens to us today, happens to us, memory resounds, the echo of knowledge and experience of those who preceded us in the field of life and in the field of art and theater, who, by their mysterious nature , proposes the magic of reviving in the now that which has been only partially recorded in books, files, pictures, buildings and customs ... That is, to revive the emotion, the vital impulse of those men and women who today are still within us and that, through the mystery of the scene, laugh and cry, become passionate and hurt with us and transmit to us their past life experience, so that it inspires us in the generation of a new future life.

Clásicos en Alcalá 2018, commits itself, once again, to an open approach that combines the experimental with the established, summoning artists who are passionate about the Classics from very different positions and discourses, in a clear commitment to transcending the archaeological and contemplative temptation on the legacy, and challenge viewers from an experiential, participatory, critical and challenging consciousness, in the ultimate desire to democratize the uses and relationships that citizens have to establish with Art and Culture.

What we want, what we propose, is to get together with Lope, Calderón, Shakespeare, Gracián, Teresa de Jesús, but before that, to verify our own prejudices and considerations, to allow ourselves to be surprised. As they themselves did in their time, breaking molds and generating new paradigms, today's artists are going to pose present challenges to us, from disturbance and questioning, from what today is called, being willing to leave the comfort zone.

Unfortunately, art, theater, is a small redoubt in today's immense globalized and interconnected world, but we believe that perhaps and paradoxically, the way to prevail and amplify is precisely by appealing to the ephemeral condition and the capacity for shock of this rite. initiatory, in which a small community gathers, attends and participates in a coven, in a ceremony of struggle, and, if possible victory, chasing wishes and chasing ghosts away.

The fleeting nature of time, the fleeting nature of life, is forgotten in the domestic well-being of our daily lives as inhabitants of the so-called first world, with their concerns and chores; and it is then when Art can, and must implement its useless utility, as part of the constellation of inherently human capacities, to remind us, as towards the servant who accompanied the Roman generals who entered Rome in triumph, and whispered to them:

"Look behind you, remember that you are a man, and not a god"

Art thus gives an account of our greatness and our fragility, and today we invite you to advance triumphantly through contemporaneity, without ceasing to look back, to read, appreciate and revive our classics, which are precisely because of this. For reminding us, through the universal beauty of the works that their talents forged, that we are nothing more and nothing less than men, men and women, people who pass through here fleetingly, and that boldly, committed and responsibly we do everything that is in our hands and hearts, for contributing and sharing with our fellow men, unique moments of full life.

Nothing human is foreign to me, said the poet ... and from the economic crisis, to the macho and patriarchal violence ... from love to melancholy ... from the past to the future ... everything is matter that requires space of playful experience and learning that is theater, to feel and dream in new ways and forms of coexistence and harmony.

Countless dreams are housed in the eternal memory of the classics. Throughout the three and a half weeks of Clásicos en Alcalá 2018, those dreams will become fleeting realities that, from emotion, through the passion of ideas in motion, will invite us to re-know, to re-live, to participate in its re-presentation, to make the ephemeral meeting of the theater, the spark of a lasting inspiration.

So, Si tempus fugit, carpe diem.

Full program.

Cáceres Classical Theater Festival

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cáceres Classical Theater Festival

Classical theater continues to speak to us with its different voices: the comic, the dramatic or the tragic. The mythical, the fantastic or the realistic. This set of voices is the one that summons in Cáceres spectators of all conditions for almost a month in squares, streets and palaces of the monumental complex.

The appointment with the classical theater is full, in its twenty-ninth edition, with lessons for the present: for politics, but also for love or identity; above all, for pleasure: listening to the verse or getting into tangles and feelings, participating in the rhythm of life captured by Lope de Vega, Calderón, Zorrilla or Torres Naharro from Extremadura; all of them invited authors to this edition; some with works from his lesser-known repertoire (such as Traidor, by Zorrilla, or Comedia Aquilana, by Naharro) and, therefore, stimulating because they are novel.

In its display of wonders, the festival brings the theory and practice of puppet theater to families and children with two theatrical productions and workshops, which will allow children to stimulate their creativity in the construction of masks and puppets.

The theatrical meeting will especially attend one of the most prominent costume design personalities in Spain, Pepe Reyes from Extremadura, to whom he dedicates an exhibition and a film, and who will go to Cáceres to unravel before the public some of the secrets of his work . In addition, the Caceres appointment looks this year, in the Laboratory of the classic, at the other end of the world, in a surprising foray into classical Japanese culture, so unknown in the West and so different from the Western tradition.

Conferences and functions will propose an immersion in various aesthetic manifestations, such as dance, which also respond to the idea of ​​classical: from the traditional to the current, from the local to the universal, which constitutes one of the hallmarks of the Theater Festival Classic of Cáceres.

The spaces.

Classic scenes.

The classic pieces.

Galicia Escena Pro 2018

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Galicia Escena Pro 2018

Galicia SCENE PRO (GEP) is the Galician performing arts market that is organized every year in Santiago de Compostela by the Galician Agency for Cultural Industries (Agadic) of the Department of Culture, Education and University Planning. Through a selection of recently produced shows and a program of parallel activities, this initiative takes the pulse of current affairs in the sector in Galicia. At the same time, it offers its professionals a platform from which to expose their new work in front of the public and with programmers and other cultural agents.

Along with its exhibition aspect, Galicia SCENE PRO is articulated as a professional meeting point that seeks to stimulate the commercial dynamics of the sector, as well as the social projection of scenic creation. With these same objectives as a goal, it celebrates its sixth edition from June 11 to 14, 2018. This year, in addition, with a special focus on exchanges with the Madrid scene.

Check the full program here.

FÀCYL, Castilla y León International Arts Festival

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The International Arts Festival of Castilla y León, promoted by the Junta de Castilla y León, is a multidisciplinary event in which all kinds of shows are mixed such as theater-dance, electronic music, multimedia theater, performances, dance, theater, graffiti, etc.

Companies from different countries come together in this meeting that invites the public to open their senses to the unknown and to participate in the different spaces of the city.

The Castilla y León International Arts Festival is held annually in Salamanca, since 2005

FÀCYL, Festival Internacional de las Artes de Castilla y León

As a premiere in Spain, the latest works and creations by some of the most prestigious international artists of our time.

But, above all, and judging by the magnificent response obtained in past editions, FÀCYL is reunited with an increasingly numerous audience that, year after year, has faithfully followed a varied program selected based on quality and diversity of styles and disciplines.

Check the full program here.

Listen to the list of FÀCYL 2018

XIV Film Festival Edition

Friday, April 20, 2018

XIV Film Festival Edition

The first Film Festival of 2018 will arrive next month. Between May 7 and 9 you can buy tickets in the rooms attached to the promotion for only € 2.90.

"Cinema is emotion and experience. This edition of the Film Festival is going to be the best proof of this because we are going to make all audiences, and especially young people, experience it first-hand more than ever", highlights Juan Ramón Gómez Fabra, president of the Federation of Cinemas of Spain (FECE). And it is that in this edition, number 14, the objective is that the youngest discover the magic of cinema, in addition to being able to go to the cinema at a reduced price, activities designed for them will be carried out. On May 3 at Cinesa Proyecciones Madrid there will be a meeting between directors, performers and moviegoers influencers in which attendees will be able to get to know them up close. And on May 4, students between 11 and 13 years of age from different schools in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville will take guided visits to emblematic cinemas in which they will discover first-hand how the theaters work.

What movies to see at the May 2018 Film Festival?

Great and long-awaited titles stand out on the billboard of this edition that could break attendance records.

Avengers Infinity War

Unquestionable afitrion of this edition, it will bring together all the known superheroes of the Marvel universe so far to face the most powerful villain in its history, Thanos.

Avengers Infinity War

Rampage project

A genetic experiment that goes wrong will cause animals to mutate into huge, enraged creatures for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to deal with.

Proyecto Rampage

Ready Player One: The game begins

This film directed by Steven Spielberg, in addition to being a visual spectacle and paying homage to the culture of the 80s, presents us with a virtual world where millions of people live together.

Ready Player One: The game begins

12 brave

A group of special agents and the C.I.A. they are sent to Afghanistan after 9/11 to fight the Taliban.

12 brave

A peaceful place

Horror movies. He presents us with a family that lives in a world where any slightest sound can endanger them.

A peaceful place

The crooked house

Thriller full of suspense starring a wealthy family that is gradually being murdered after the appearance of the granddaughter's fiancé.

The crooked house

Isle of dogs

Animated film where a child travels to the landfill where all the dogs in Japan have been exiled to find his own.

Isle of dogs


It tells the story of a basketball coach who is forced to coach a team of people with intellectual disabilities.


The laws of thermodynamics

Romantic comedy in which a neurotic physicist tries to prove that his infatuation with a model is the fault of the laws of thermodynamics.

The laws of thermodynamics

XXII Fair of the Performing and Musical Arts of Castilla - La Mancha 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

XXII Fair of the Performing and Musical Arts of Castilla - La Mancha 2018

The Castilla-La Mancha Performing Arts Fair is held annually in Albacete in April. In it, music, dance, opera, circus and, mainly, theater shows are exhibited in order to promote hiring. It has very well equipped theaters very close to each other, so it is not necessary to install bleachers, etc ... The shows in Castilla-La Mancha constitute between 30 and 40% of the programming. The rest are usually from other autonomous communities and, sporadically, from abroad. It usually gathers between 250 and 300 professionals and lasts for 3 days. The Fair covers hotel and living expenses for programmers and other professionals according to criteria that can be found in the information provided by the organization.

"In 2018 we reached the twenty-second edition of the Performing and Musical Arts Fair, a fully consolidated forum that places the city of Albacete, its current headquarters, and Castilla-La Mancha, in the focus of the most innovative scene for a few days and leading the national scene.

Theater fairs have become great laboratories in which companies rehearse their montages, productions and concerts at the most committed level of the entire scenic and musical creation project: the first reception by the public and their degree of acceptance, which that allows for eventual self-criticism and polishing and improving certain aspects to benefit the entire production or program.

Being events with a playful and festive component, we see that they also have their dramatic side, the expectations and uncertainties of the premiere eve, when the work of months of study, rehearsals, is put into play on the board (better we would say here a table). sketches, planning and the endless processes that come together in the stage performance or in the concert announced on the billboard of a theater or auditorium. Hosting an event of the magnitude of this Fair, which combines theater, children's theater, zarzuela, concerts, circus and dance, requires a complex and well-articulated network of scenic spaces that Albacete has been providing to full satisfaction. Municipal Auditorium, Circus Theater, Circus Theater, Peace Theater, Municipal Film Library ... "

Ángel Felpeto Enríquez
Minister of Education, Culture and Sports

Download the complete general program.

La Mostra d'Igualada 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

Dansa Valencia 2018

La Mostra d'Igualada - Children's and Youth Theater Fair is the benchmark fair of the performing arts for all audiences in Catalonia. A great showcase of the best shows, which brings together around 36,000 spectators and 700 professionals. Considered a strategic market in Catalonia, it nurtures family programs throughout the territory and provides those for the whole of Spain and abroad.

From among the more than 600 requests for participation received, the artistic direction selects fifty for their quality, contemporaneity, originality and ability to incorporate new languages ​​and staging in unconventional spaces. They have a place for all the scenic genres (theater, magic, circus, clown, puppets, dance, music, multidisciplinary, etc.), both in the theater and on the street. Although most of the companies are Catalan, there are also groups from the rest of Spain and international groups.

In addition, La Mostra is a key meeting point for the professional sector, which has a business and exchange space (La Llotja) and a set of parallel activities such as conferences, speed meetings, a market for projects and agreed meetings or informal ones that favor contact between the different agents.

From yesterday, April 12, until next Sunday the 15th, the 29th edition of La Mostra d'Igualada 2018 takes place.

Download the complete program.

Dansa València 2018

Monday, April 09, 2018

Dansa Valencia 2018

Dansa València began its journey in 1988 and since then it has been a benchmark of contemporary dance in Spain. After recovering its original format in 2017, Dansa València begins its third decade with the aim of giving new impetus to the festival.

For five days, from April 10 to 15, 2018, we will be able to enjoy both a representative program of the most current Spanish choreographic scene and the variety of proposals from Valencian companies, with special attention to female creators.

It is, without a doubt, an event that will promote the meeting between national and international creators and professionals, for which we propose a program designed for everyone, which is a celebration but at the same time an opportunity for reflection and collective transformation . And, very especially, that it allows an intergenerational audience to get closer and enjoy dance, its multiple formats and its different views.

Wednesday 11/4

  • Missió reverse
    Showcase Associació Valneciana D'Empreses de Dansa (AVED)
    10:30 am | Rialto Theater
  • A-Normal or the wandering sheep
    The Siamese
    8:00 pm | Matilde Salvador Room - University of Valencia LA NAU
  • Divines paraules premieres
    Ballet of the Generalitat / Institut Valencià de Cultura
    10:00 pm | Teatre Principal

Thursday 12/4

  • Not yet ... now
    12:30 am | Patriarca Square
  • Espectacle de carrer | gratuitous
    Improvised Company / Connective Tissue
    1:00 pm | Patriarca Square
  • Street show | gratuitous
    6:00 pm | Rialto Theater
  • Pelvic
    Another dance
    8:00 pm | Matilde Salvador Room - University of Valencia LA NAU
  • The curse of the Malboro men
    A creation of Isabel Vázquez
    10:00 pm | Teatre Principal

Friday 4/13

  • Yellow place
    1:00 pm | Patriarca Square
  • Espectacle de carrer | gratuito
    Titoyaya Dansa
    6:00 pm | Rialto Theater
  • The inevitable premieres
    Cia Dunatacà
    8:00 pm | Unstable space
  • Co-production with IVC and Espai Inestable
    Israel Galván
    8:30 pm | T.E.M

Saturday 14/4

  • More or less restless
    Daniel Abreu Company
    1:00 pm | Patriarch Square
  • Espectacle de carrer | gratuitous
    Dance of the tide
    5:00 p.m. | 7:00 p.m. | Rialto Theater
  • Danseta (family show)
    The many
    Cia Mariantónia Olver
    8:30 p.m. | Carme theater
  • Now
    10:00 p.m. | Teatre Principal

Sunday 15/4

  • Little Big Blue Premieres
    11:00 a.m. | 12:30 p.m. | 5:00 p.m. | 6:30 p.m.
  • Unstable space
    Danseta (From 18 months to 4 years)
    Good Girl
    Gestring Sisters
    12:30 p.m. | Patriarca Square
  • Espectacle de carrer | gratuitous
    Pepa Cases Dansa-Teatre
    1:00 p.m. | Patriarca Square
  • Espectacle de carrer | gratuitous
    We Women
    Sol Picó
    7:00 p.m. | Teatre Principal
  • The many
    Cia Mariantónia Oliver
    8:30 p.m. | Carme Teatre

Teatralia 2018

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Teatralia 2018

Teatralia, the International Festival for children and young people of the Community of Madrid, returns to the stages of the region from April 6 to 29 in what is now its twenty-second edition.

This year, Teatralia offers 23 days of theater, installations, puppets, workshops, dance, circus and music for all audiences, by companies from Belgium, the Republic of Korea, Italy, Canada, France, Portugal, Ireland, Israel and different places in Spain.

In addition, this year the festival has an important school campaign with 46 functions in schools and institutes throughout the region.

Find the complete program through the following link: Teatralia Program 2018

Click here to get tickets.

Theater in the classroom to combat 'bullying' with the role of the harassed and their harasser

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

  •  - 'En sus Zapatos' is a workshop that teaches active empathy to face conflicts at school.
  •  - Students, teachers and families stage real cases in the classroom to learn how to solve them.
Theater in the classroom to combat 'bullying' with the role of the harassed and their harasser

"Action". Two boys come out to the center of the classroom and stage an assault that occurred just a few hours earlier in the school entrance line. One of them scratches the other viciously on the back. From behind, three boys hidden under masks that represent sadness, rage and anger emerge on stage. "Stop". The action freezes and the group talks about what they just saw. Pax Dettoni, the director of the theater workshop, asks the main actors how they feel, asks them to tell each other what they need, and together they rethink a better ending for the scene, without the scratch and in which the aggressor recognizes not having a good day.

This is 'En sus Zapatos', a Theater of Consciousness project against bullying that is taught in five schools in the Community of Madrid. The objective is to teach active empathy through the theater of emotions to face conflicts between colleagues.

"Theater is closely linked to education and throughout my experience in teacher training I saw that bullying was being treated as another problem between equals, when in reality it is a problem of coexistence and now I don't know he is teaching the students neither to live with oneself and our emotions, nor therefore with others ", explains Pax Dettoni about the origin of the project.

Today in the 5th grade classroom of the Costa Rica school in Aluche (Madrid), the 17 students of the tutor Joaquina begin the fourth session of the workshop sitting in a circle. In the group there are boys and girls between 10 and 12 years old. The center has chosen them precisely because it is "at that age when it has been detected that discriminatory behaviors and group pressure begin", according to the director of the school, Ana Isabel Fernández.

Theater in the classroom to combat 'bullying' with the role of the harassed and their harasser

Once they have greeted each other, the kids get up and form a little train that also runs in a circle while each kid whispers to the one in front "I trust you, you trust you." It is the way they connect with emotions. And a way to unite a very diverse group. Right now in the classroom there are students of eleven different nationalities: Poles, Romanians, Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Dominicans, Spaniards, a Syrian boy who came from the war after passing through Lebanon and Jordan, and a Vietnamese who at the beginning of the year did not know a single one. word of spanish.

"The activity is serving to raise awareness a little more to the kids", admits the tutor Joaquina, who participates as one of the workshop. "It helps them think about emotions and better visualize latent conflicts. Harassment as such is not in my class, but there are emotions found among some kids."

The latest report on bullying in Spain by Save The Children revealed that one in ten students in Spain has suffered it and, what was more shocking, that one in three students admitted having physically attacked another classmate in recent months.

The head of studies at the Costa Rica center relied on the 'En sus zapatos' workshop because the faculty lacked programs that affect the prevention of bullying. Especially now that the excess curriculum takes time away from tutorials, where all the emotional education and values are concentrated.

Theater in the classroom to combat 'bullying' with the role of the harassed and their harasser

The teachers were captivated by the fact that the dynamics are done with students, teachers and families, separately, and especially that in the case of minors the project also includes the bully. "All children are forming as persons and no one should be left out of that learning."

The kids like the varied dynamics that the workshop proposes and eagerly await the moment of meditation. They have learned the correct posture, to focus on the imaginary triangle, and to return to the air flowing in and out of the nose when a thought or cramp interrupts them.

Cohesioned, and very relaxed, finally comes the moment to rehearse the scenes of real conflicts that they will try to resolve collectively.

While they rehearse, the tutor Joaquina explains that in her opinion harassment and coexistence conflicts in the classrooms are events that are growing. She attributes it to the violence with which she has lived since childhood, through the internet, on television or at home. She gives as an example when she gives them freedom in a language writing. They always end with murders. "I already have to ask them to avoid carnage; but, of course, if they are on television all day talking about kidnappings, murders and massacres ...". To all this, he adds that parental education "has taken a pendular leap, from iron discipline to an excess of permissiveness." concludes ...

International Message of World Theater Day 2018

"Action". It's time for the second scene of the workshop. The group represents a fight between a father and a mother at home. The girl who acts as a mother asks the boy who represents the father for help with household chores. The 'father' says that he works outside the home and is tired. A third student, who plays the daughter of the couple, seeing her parents scream and say that they are separated, comes before them with a scrapbook and asks them to reconsider the situation. "Stop". The scene freezes and the group talks. Pax Dettoni, asks if it is the responsibility of the children that the parents get along. It takes a few seconds to respond, but cascade will say it is not. It is time to talk about how they feel and what they need. "Support, love, love and our space," they will say

"The children's reaction is what is surprising me the most", acknowledges the person in charge of the project. "I realize everything that causes them discomfort, and the need to talk about their pain and show them that there are resources to know what to do with the different emotions."


World Theater Day 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

International Message of World Theater Day 2018

The theater (a word that comes from the Greek theatron which means 'place to contemplate') makes us laugh, cry ... it moves our emotions and for this reason, for more than 50 years it has had its own day on the calendar. The International Theater Institute established March 27 as World Theater Day in 1961. At its first celebration in 1962, it was the French poet, playwright and filmmaker Jean Cocteau who had been elected a member of the French Academy and an honorary member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters of New York, who delivered the famous International Message for World Theater Day.

This year the person in charge of delivering this message is the Mexican writer and journalist, Sabina Bermar.
"We can imagine

The tribe hunts birds by throwing small stones, when the huge mammoth bursts in and ROARS - and at the same time a little human ROARS like the mammoth. Then everyone runs ...

That mammoth roar uttered by a human woman - I want to imagine her as a woman - is the beginning of what makes us the species that we are. The species capable of imitating what we are not. The species capable of representing the Other ...

... Long live the theater. The oldest art. The most present art. The most amazing art. Long live the theater."

In the following link you can download the complete document. International Message of World Theater Day 2018

A.C. Pan Pa' Hoy presenta "El Rey del Mundo"

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A.C. Pan Pa' Hoy presents 'The King of the World'

On March 24, and on the occasion of World Theater Day, the cultural association Pan Pa ’Hoy will perform the play" The King of the World "by Delia Maunás at the Tomelloso Municipal Theater.

The play has a carefree, fun, educational and musical atmosphere for audiences of all ages. Winning work at the 2011 Coca-Cola Foundation Buero Vallejo Awards.

This young company began a special year on March 3, since they are turning 10 years old, with an original and successful theatrical dinner. To be informed of their actions, just pay attention to their Facebook account.

World Theater Day is coming

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

World Theater Day is coming

With the arrival of spring, the 56th anniversary of World Theater Day arrives, as every year a multitude of events will be held, performances of works aimed at young and not so young audiences.

But why is World Theater Day celebrated?

World Theater Day has its origins in 1961, the Unesco International Theater Institute (ITI) decided to organize an international day to celebrate this outstanding performing art. It would take until March 27 of the following year so that, meeting in Helsinki, the ITI members, supported mainly by the Nordic countries, decided to start this tradition.

The election of March 27 was due to be the start date of the theatrical season at the Theater of Nations in Paris, this had been held since 1954. The celebration of this day was intended to achieve a certain communion between countries after the end of the World War II and European reconstruction.

Since then, each year there has been a prestigious figure who is invited to share her reflections on theater and peace, a message that the ITI and UNESCO consider fundamental. This message is read before the World Theater Day events in hundreds of events around the world, being translated into more than twenty languages.

The big day of the Theater is approaching that will begin a new spring season of the performing arts.

"The soul when it dreams, is theater, actors and auditorium" Joseph Addison.

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