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The 23rd Festival de Jerez 2019 begins

Friday, February 22, 2019

The 23rd Festival de Jerez 2019 begins

The Jerez Festival offers a wide and qualified display of the most genuine and significant artistic manifestation of this Andalusian city: flamenco. More specifically: dance is the story line of the Festival. With this thematic definition (flamenco dance and Spanish dance), the Festival de Jerez becomes a unique reference among the events of this type that take place in the world, without forgetting other disciplines such as singing and guitar.

The Festival makes a firm commitment to the creative evolution of flamenco, to the development of its expressive forms and to the modernization, from tradition, of its languages. The Festival encourages encounters and miscegenation, supporting the creative activity of artists determined to find new aesthetic and expressive paths for flamenco in the 21st century.

The Festival is not exclusively planned as a broadcasting program, but also hosts training events, support for creation and an encounter with other arts. The more than 40 courses and workshops, with students from more than 30 countries, highlight the international dimension of the sample.

The Festival, since its inception, has contributed to the development of a cultural industry around flamenco and has strengthened the tourist and service sector in the city of Jerez.

The Festival also means a wake-up call about Jerez as a city of flamenco, making its activities be distributed in addition to the Villamarta Theater through public spaces and unique buildings.

You can view and download the show programs that will take place from today, February 22, until March 9, 2019.

Show program.

From here you can download the program of courses, classes and training workshops, a more than interesting area of the festival and which will take place between next Saturday the 23rd and will end on Friday the 1st of March.

Program of courses and workshops.

Feria Europea de Artes Escénicas para Niños y Niñas de Gijón 2019

Monday, February 11 2019

Gijón European Performing Arts Fair for Boys and Girls 2019

Gijón is preparing for the 28th edition of FETEN: more than 200 representations in different areas of the city The European Performing Arts Fair for Boys and Girls in Gijón, FETEN, has selected a total of 86 national and international companies to present their pieces, from February 17 to 22. The Fair gathers every year an extensive representation of the scenic sector for boys and girls inside and outside the borders of our country.

In total, this 28th edition hosts more than 200 performances on different stages of the city, such as the Jovellanos Theater (Partner of La Red), the CC Antiguo Instituto or the Paseo de Begoña.

National releases

Among the programmed proposals, 14 absolute premieres are included, all signed by national companies. Thus, the Asturian Fantastique Company, Companya Pep Bou, from Catalonia, and the Manchegos Ultramarinos de Lucas will bring to the FETEN public their latest gestural theater works, entitled, respectively, "The painter Flora", "BLOOP"! and "By my side".

FETEN also pays attention to dance and the circus, with "Nudos", "The Unforgettable Journey of Nana" and "YOLO (You Only Live Once"), by Da.Te Danza, Café de las Artes y Cía Lucas Escobedo - Teatre Escalante. Also from Valencia, Nacho Diago will premiere at FETEN 2019 his new magic show, "The mysterious case of Houdini and the closed room".

+ Complete programming

La Machina Teatro (Cantabria) and Yarleku Teatro (Navarra) bet on the actors' theater, with "Olivia and the feathers" and "The smallest house". The acting work is combined with the puppets in "Snow White", by Madrid's Luna Teatro Danza, and "NOA Uy Uy Uy !!!", by the Basque company Panta Rhei. Complete the list of premieres of FETEN in this 28 edition of "New shoes", staging of theater of objects by Valencian Tian Gombau - L'home Dibuixat.

FETEN 2019 will present shows from Germany, USA, France, Israel, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Mexico. In addition, the fair's programming will feature a co-production between Norway and a Murcian company.

In addition, the Fair hosts several parallel activities, including the celebration of the first annual meeting of the Spanish Network of Theaters, Auditoriums, Circuits and Publicly Owned Festivals, which will take place on Thursday, February 21 at the CC Antiguo Instituto.

36 Festival de Teatro de Málaga 2019

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

36 Festival de Teatro de Málaga 2019

After the first week of the 36th edition of the Malaga theater festival 2019, this is the schedule for the next few days at Teatro Cervantes and Teatro Echegaray.

Teatro Cervantes


  • Tuesday 15. Nerón | 20:00
  • Wednesday 16. Tebas Land | 20:00
  • Thursday 17. Voltaire / Rousseau. La disputa | 20:00
  • Friday 18th. La strada | 20:00
  • Saturday 19. La strada | 20:00
  • Sunday 20. Juntos | 19:00
  • Monday 21. Chaquetera | 19:00 y 21:00
  • Monday 21. Macho: Crónicas de identidad perdida | Sala Romero Esteo, 20:00
  • Tuesday 22. Chaquetera | 19:00 y 21:00
  • Tuesday 22. Macho: Crónicas de identidad perdida | Sala Romero Esteo, 20:00
  • Wednesday 23. Lehman Trilogy | 20:00
  • Thursday 24. Lehman Trilogy | 20:00
  • Friday 25. Carmina Burana | 21:00
  • Saturday 26. Carmina Burana | 18:00 y 20:30
  • Sunday 27. Carmina Burana | 17:00 y 19:30
  • Monday 28. Azaña, una pasión española | 20:00
  • Tuesday 29. Rey Lear | 20:00
  • Wednesday 30. Unamuno: venceréis pero no convenceréis | 20:00
  • Thursday 31. La vuelta de Nora (Casa de muñecas 2) | 20:00


  • Friday 1. La vuelta de Nora (Casa de muñecas 2) | 20:00
  • Saturday 2. Rojo | 20:00
  • Thursday 7. Adiós Arturo | 20:00
  • Friday, 8. Adiós Arturo | 18:00 y 22:00
  • Saturday 9. Adiós Arturo | 18:00 y 22:00
  • Sunday 10. Adiós Arturo | 19:00
  • Monday 11. El funeral | 20:00
  • Tuesday 12. El funeral | 20:00
  • Wednesday 13. El funeral | 20:00

Teatro Echegaray


  • Friday 11. A secreto agravio, secreta venganza | 20:00
  • Saturday 12. A secreto agravio, secreta venganza | 20:00
  • Sunday 13. Cenicienta siglo XXI | 11:00 y 13:00
  • Monday 14. Anverso/Reverso | 20:00
  • Wednesday 16. ¡A morir se ha dicho! |20:00
  • Thursday 17. No es país para muyt viejas | 20:00
  • Friday 18. Mandíbula afilada | 20:00
  • Saturday 19. Mandíbula afilada | 20:00
  • Sunday 20. Euria (Lluvia) | 11:00 y 13:00
  • Tuesday 22. Verne: futuro y ficción | 20:00
  • Wednesday 23. Verne: futuro y ficción | 20:00
  • Thursday 24. Espacio disponible | 20:00
  • Friday 25. La perra | 20:00
  • Saturday 26. En tierra (Grounded) | 20:00
  • Sunday 27. Xocolat | 11:00 y 13:00
  • Tuesday 29. La araña del cerebro | 20:00
  • Wednesday 30. Viril | 20:00


  • Friday 1. Espejismo | 20:00
  • Saturday 2. Espejismo | 20:00
  • Sunday 3. Pedro y el lobo | 11:00 y 13:00
  • Monday 4. La plaga | 20:00
  • Tuesday 5. La plaga | 20:00
  • Wednesday 6. Mirona | 20:00
  • Thursday 7. Cisneros. La línea de tiza | 20:00
  • Friday, 8. Qué pasó con Michael Jachson | 20:00
  • Saturday 9. Qué pasó con Michael Jackson | 20:00
  • Sunday 10. El tambor de Cora | 11:00 y 13:00

Tickets can be purchased through the following link. Tickets 36 Malaga Theater Festival.

Low-maintenance passenger lifts

Friday, January 11, 2019

Elevadores RETOM

The single-family elevator is a product full of advantages, it improves and rehabilitates the accesses of the house and therefore the quality of life. It increases the economic value of the home and makes it more attractive. The low cost of a single-family elevator with respect to a conventional elevator makes it a cheap product in quality / price.

The single-family elevators consist of cheap and reduced maintenance, also complying with a standard of measures and security required by current laws.

RETOM, has offered for years the service of elimination of architectural barriers with a wide range of models of Elevators, stairlifts, stairlifts, vertical lifts, car lifts, etc. The elevators are completely adaptable both architecturally and aesthetically speaking; to any home, premises or type of business.

Thanks to its extensive experience, RETOM carries out turnkey projects advising all professionals who influence the adaptation and reform of the entire installation, providing a complete and comfortable service for the client.

Customers can contact through the web, by mail to, by phone at 926 513 045, social networks or by visiting the facilities where they can see and test various models of elevators installed in a large display.

Visit the range of elevators at the following link: elevators

Descargar imagen en .PDF

Microteatros in Tomelloso by Pan Pa' Hoy

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Microteatros in Tomelloso by Pan Pa' Hoy

The Cultural Association PAN PA 'TODAY of Tomelloso will once again represent one of its most successful initiatives, the micro-theaters.

Already in the debut of the association in this modality and on the occasion of the world theater day there in 2014, Pan Pa' Hoy reaped a total success in its two days, being forced to repeat the performance just a week later to supply the great demand of tickets.

Due to these and other antecedents and with a wide group of actors with a long history, success is guaranteed. The entry, of only € 5, will go entirely to the Kirira foundation from which you can still purchase the last tickets.

This new batch of micro-plays will be represented in the Memphis room in Tomelloso next Friday, December 14, in two sessions that will begin at 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. respectively.

The Pan Pa' Hoy Association continues to work on new projects in parallel to these Christmas events, so it will be necessary to be attentive on their social networks where they update their agenda.

Visit Pan Pa' Hoy's profile on Facebook.

MAE - Muestra Ibérica de Artes Escénicas Extremadura

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2018

MAE - Muestra Ibérica de Artes Escénicas Extremadura

MAE is a performing arts show that is held annually in the town of Cáceres in November. It was born in 2016, its purpose being the promotion of professional theater of national and international origin, paying special attention to companies from Extremadura and Portugal.

During the next 20, 21 and 22 November 2018 the third edition of "Extremadura Scene. Iberian Show of Performing Arts" will be held.

"Extremadura Scene" is a professional meeting where national and international programmers, cultural agents, networks, companies, companies and, of course, the public that will be able to attend the performances that will take place at the Gran Teatro de Cáceres and other spaces will meet. alternative and theatrical in the city.

To contribute to the revitalization of the sector there will also be spaces for debate and reflection in order to facilitate commercial activity between companies and programmers.

Extremadura Scene. Iberian Show of Performing Arts is organized by the Center for Performing Arts and Music (CEMART), the Department of Culture and Equality of the Junta de Extremadura, and the Association of Cultural Managers of Extremadura (AGCEX).


  • Promote professional companies of national and international origin, paying special attention to companies from Extremadura and Portugal.
  • Create a platform for the exhibition of shows and reflection and debate of concepts related to the performing arts sector.
  • Offer quality shows, new contemporary stage languages ​​and original productions, both small and large.
  • Enhance the quality and stability of the programming in the spaces of representation, fostering cooperation and collaboration between them.
  • Promote cultural relations with Portugal, and reactivate the economy of this sector in particular and of the Extremadura cultural industry in general.
  • Create a professional / commercial meeting point. On the one hand, for creators it is the opportunity for many programmers to see their show and, on the other hand, for programmers it is the place where they can see the shows that will later be part of their programming.
  • Promote actions that contribute to the internationalization of the performing arts in Extremadura.
  • Motivate the creation of new audiences.
  • Encourage recycling and training of professionals in the sector through professional conferences and meetings.
  • Contribute to the tourist development of Extremadura.

Spaces for commercial exchanges: KNOW, SELL, and BUY

Within the framework of the Exhibition, various meetings and networking meetings between registered professionals will be promoted, favoring the exchange of experiences and cooperation agreements and the internationalization of the performing arts sector. The conditions are:

  • There will be a facilitator during the Show who will promote meetings between professionals. It will be located in the spaces reserved for the Meetings and at the information point at the Maltravieso Capitol Theater.
  • Each company / entity may make a single request for the configuration of the agenda, which will be made through a form for this purpose.
  • The hours enabled for the meetings are:
    • Tuesday, November 20. From 13:30 h. at 3:00 p.m.
    • Wednesday, November 21. From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
    • Thursday, November 22. From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
  • The duration of each interview will not exceed 5 minutes.
  • The interview assignment will be carried out in strict order from the request and depending on the availability of the professionals.

If you are a company, make your agenda request here.

If you are a programmer, make your agenda request here.

To DEBATE, SHARE and EXCHANGE experiences

Various actions will be carried out in order to create an environment to debate, share and exchange experiences related to the sector.

The methodology used will be open and participatory, in which the participants will be able to interact by proposing questions to the professionals in order to generate a space to express, propose, collaborate, cooperate, etc.

  • Presentation of projects. Maltravieso Capitol Theater. Wednesday, November 21. 11:00 h.
    • Project "They in motion". Karlik dance theater and Plena Inclusión.
    • Violet Territory Award. Rosa Merás.

Download the schedule here

The Mercartes fair will bring together the performing arts sector in Valladolid
7-8-9 November 2018

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Mercartes fair will bring together the performing arts sector in Valladolid

Mercartes is a show that was born in Valladolid with the aim of becoming a benchmark for the performing arts in Spain.

Mercartes is organized by the State Federation of Associations of Theater and Dance Companies (FAETEDA) and by the Spanish Network of Theaters, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals of Public Ownership (LA RED).

It is also possible thanks to a wide institutional collaboration of public and private entities:

  • National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM)
  • Government of Castilla y León (JCYL)
  • Valladolid City Council (AYTO)
  • State Federation of Dance Companies and Companies (FECED)
  • Coordinator of Performing Arts Fairs of the Spanish State (COFAE)
  • Association of Performing Arts Distribution and Management Companies (ADGAE)
  • State Federation of Associations of Cultural Managers (FEAGC)
  • Spanish Cultural Action (AC/E)
  • Fair of Valladolid (FV)

Production companies, distributors, programmers and exhibitors, festivals, actors or technical services companies meet in Mercartes to analyze the performing arts sector and generate new business opportunities.

On November 7, 8 and 9, 2018 we will celebrate in Valladolid the 7th edition of Mercartes, a performing arts market that seeks to promote meetings and relationships between professionals in the sector, to value all public and private agents that compose it, and generate market opportunities.

The most important challenge of this edition will be to awaken the collective capacity of the sector to build a more horizontal relationship framework, which makes all the agents equally visible and gives creation the differential value it deserves. A crossroads, favorable to dialogue and multiplier of the possibilities of the sector and its professional aspirations.

For this reason, the activities are aimed at establishing a framework for professional and planned meeting, favoring the circulation and visibility of professionals, and helping attendees to fulfill their objectives.

In this link we can register as visitors for this edition.

Hiring of stands

Participating as an exhibitor in MERCARTES 2018 is very simple and is available to everyone, since they offer rates that adjust to the different needs of the sector. In this link we can request the stand.

Visit this link to find out about workshops, conferences and transversal work tables for the entire sector where national and international professionals will participate during this edition.

Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Cádiz 2018
From 19 to October 27

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

· The Pay Pay theater cafe will debut this year as the stage of the FIT

· The theatrical contest will begin on October 19 with the dance play 'Amazonas' at the Falla Theater

FIT 2018

The XXXIII edition of the Ibero-American Theater Festival of Cádiz (FIT) will kick off on October 19, giving room to a total of 36 performances by 23 international companies, until the 27th in different spaces in the city of Cádiz . The FIT will have the spaces that are traditionally linked to the festival such as the Falla Theater, the Central Lechera Room, the Tía Norica Puppet Theater and, as a novelty, the Pay Pay theater café. There will also be shows in the Plaza de las Flores, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Mina and Falla itself.

The new space of the FIT in 2018, the Pay Pay, will host during the first two days of the festival (October 19 and 20) the Mexican group of César Enríquez Cabaret with La prietty guoman. And from October 22 to 24, this same place will be the stage to review the fragments of the best Cadiz shows under the name of FITetú. The Dominican company Casa de Teatro will be the last to be on Pay Pay on the 25th and 26th with its show "Mal de amores". All performances will begin at eleven o'clock at night.

In this new edition, the Ibero-American Theater Festival will feature consolidated and emerging companies from eight countries such as Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Spain, which will bring to Cádiz high-quality and newly created proposals , including the revision of texts by great authors, covering proposals that include gender, political and social and recreational issues, and where the theatrical representation is diluted -as in previous editions- with other contemporary artistic aspects such as flamenco, theater-circus, dance or music.

Precisely gender equality will be found in a total of eleven shows from five different countries (Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Argentine Republic and Spain), with dance being present in representations through national groups and from Argentina and the Dominican Republic , which will mix this genre with break dance and flamenco.

On Friday, October 19, the programming will start at the Gran Teatro Falla, which will host five companies during the FIT, four of which are from Spain and one from the Dominican Republic. The Sevillian Andanzas-TNT, the dance company attached to the TNT Center, will perform on the 19th from 9:00 p.m. Amazonas, a show starring the Cádiz-born bailaora Rosario Toledo.

The organization hopes that, for the second consecutive year, the groups that participate in the FIT will stay in Cádiz capital, after the years in which, due to the closure of the Free Time Residence, they moved to San Fernando. For the next contest, the accommodation of the participating groups has not yet been awarded.

FIT 2018 program


October 1, 2 and 3: the second Film Festival already has a date

Friday, September 28, 2018

Fiesta del Cine - Octubre 2018

It will be on October 1, 2 and 3 when the second Film Festival of 2018 will be held, where ticket prices will be only 2.90 euros, in an initiative in which the Federation of cinematographic distributors (Fedicine) participate, the Federation of Spanish Cinemas (FECE), the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE) and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The first Film Festival of 2018 took place on May 7, 8 and 9, with a successful influx because it coincided in the cinema with great premieres such as Avengers: Infinity War, Champions or A quiet place, which were the films more views. Now, the second arrival of cheap cinema will take place in October, and with some great releases.

It will be necessary to register for the offer, already open, and until October 3, although as has happened on previous occasions, some cinemas do not even ask for accreditation and put the price of admission to 2.90 euros to speed up the queues. According to the conditions, those under 14 years old and those over 60 will not have to show any type of accreditation to receive the discount.

Johnny English: Back in Action, The Kingdom or A Little Favor: The Most Interesting Films

On those dates, films such as Johnny English: Again in Action, ALPHA, Book club, The Ted Kennedy scandal, Pope Francis - A man of his word, The Rider, El Capitan, Futbolísimos, Girl, Happy end, will be in theaters. Christopher Robin, The nun, A small favor, I love dogs, The desert bride, The Incredibles 2, Oreina, Searching, Teen titans go !, Everyone knows, Hell fest, In love with my wife, Yucatan, Predator or The kingdom (by Rodrigo Sorogoyen).

In Christopher Robin, Ewan McGregor will take us to the world of Winnie the Pooh. In The Kingdom, Rodrigo Sorogoyen directs a thriller starring Antonio de la Torre, a regional vice-secretary who wants to make the leap into politics. In A Small Favor, Paul Feig directs a comedy starring actresses Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, where the latter will investigate the disappearance of the former in a small town.

Johnny English: Back in Action will be a great contender for the most viewed film, as previous films in this comedy series have enjoyed massive popularity for their hilarious humor. We leave you the trailer for this third installment of the saga.

The quality of many of these films will bring many people to theaters. Of course, it will be difficult to replicate the success of the previous Film Festival, where around 1.65 million people attended theaters in the three days, a figure similar to that of October 2017.

Request your accreditation.

Festival Rincones y Recovecos 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Festival Rincones y Recovecos 2018

It is a Cultural Association that arises from the hand of Carmela Romero, Pola Canteli, Alejandro Hidalgo and Sergio Gayol.

With the aim of joining forces in the creation, organization and dissemination of cultural projects, with special emphasis on the creation of new audiences and educational projects in relation to the performing arts.

The project

At the Rincones y Recovecos Festival you can find theater, magic and dance shows in a unique space. You will not sit in an armchair to see what happens on stage but you will enjoy the story in a different way: inside a caravan, a tent or in front of a shack.

Each scenic space will be found in some corner within the magnificent space of La Laboral - City of Culture of Gijón.

Small charming nooks open to all audiences, from 2-year-olds to centenarians. The duration of the shows is very different: 10-minute stories or 45-minute shows.


  • 17:00 > OPENING
  • Zone 6 18:00 > ON EL FUNANBULISTA
  • Zone 8 18:00 > TROGLODITAS
  • Zone 1 18:30 > LA PETTIT CARAVANE *
  • Zone 1 18:30 > EL SECRETO DE LA NANNA *
  • Zone 1 18:30 > EL TORNASOL *
  • Zone 4 18:30 > UNA CASA
  • Zone 7 18:30 > TIENDA 47
  • Zone 5 19:00 > LOST DOG
  • Zone 4 19:30 > UNA CASA
  • Zone 6 19:30 > ON EL FUNANBULISTA
  • Zone 1 20:00 > SUSURRADORES
  • Zone 7 20:00 > TIENDA 47
  • Zone 8 20:00 > TROGLODITAS
  • Zone 2 21:00 > LA LEVEDAD DE LA EUFORIA
  • (*) Shows in continuity
  • Zone 1 12:00 > LA PETTIT CARAVANE *
  • Zone 1 12:00 > EL SECRETO DE LA NANNA *
  • Zone 1 12:00 > EL TORNASOL *
  • Zone 4 12:00 > UNA CASA
  • Zone 3 12:30 > CASA PALABRA
  • Zone 7 12:30 > TIENDA 47
  • Zone 8 12:30 > TROGLODITAS
  • Zone 4 13:30 > UNA CASA
  • Zone 5 13:30 > LOST DOG
  • Zone 6 13:30 > ON EL FUNANBULISTA
  • Zone 1 15:30 > SUSURRADORES
  • Zone 1 16:00 > EL SECRETO DE LA NANNA *
  • Zone 3 16:30 > CASA PALABRA
  • Zone 1 17:00 > EL TORNASOL *
  • Zone 4 17:00 > UNA CASA
  • Zone 6 17:00 > ON EL FUNANBULISTA
  • Zone 5 17:30 > LOST DOG
  • Zone 7 17:30 > TIENDA 47
  • Zone 1 18:00 > LA PETTIT CARAVANE *
  • Zone 3 18:00 > CASA PALABRA
  • Zone 8 18:00 > TROGLODITAS
  • Zone 1 18:30 > SUSURRADORES
  • Zone 4 18:30 > UNA CASA
  • Zone 5 19:00 > LOST DOG
  • Zone 6 19:00 > ON EL FUNANBULISTA
  • Zone 7 19:00 > TIENDA 47
  • Zone 2 20:00 > LA LEVEDAD DE LA EUFORIA
  • 21:00 > CLOSURE
  • (*) Shows in continuity

An invitation to experience the theater festival in Olite

Friday, July 20, 2018

An invitation to experience the theater festival in Olite

Navarra will once again host a theater party this summer. Between July 20 and August 4, the nineteenth edition of the Olite Theater Festival will be held, the second with artistic direction by Luis F. Jiménez, also responsible for the Don Quijote Festival in Paris. This edition proposes a contemporary review of classics such as Shakespeare, Cervantes, Molière, Calderón or Valle-Inclán, by some of the most prominent playwrights and directors on the current scene.

With the impulse of this festival, the General Directorate of Culture renews its determined support to the professionals of the Navarrese sector. An objective that also motivates other actions and initiatives framed in the Theater Promotion Plan developed by the Government of Navarra. Thus, En Rumbo Teatro will open the edition with the concert Bandada de rock y versos. Olite will also host the play Gris / Mar, with Ion Iráizoz and Mikele Urroz, which emerged within the framework of the 2017 edition. And within the theatrical Poetics cycle, the premiere of four pieces created by artists and companies from Navarra such as Montse Zabalza , Peio Otano, Iralei Teatro, La Nave Teatro and Atikus.

Once again, the Olite Theater Festival will offer a professional company from Navarra the possibility of participating in an artistic residency and research laboratory to start a new production. In addition, the actors and actresses are invited to two workshops on interpretation that will be given by José Tomé and Alfonso Zurro. For its part, the School of Theater of Navarra will present at the Tafalla Cultural Center the end-of-year project: I threw my heart to fry in Angélica Lidell's frying pan. And the festival will once again invite the residents of Olite to participate in two street plays: Negua, a show that will feature the Olite Rural Carnival; and Neighborhoods.

The festival will also feature outstanding proposals at the state level, by the National Classical Theater Company, Nao d'amores, Lauretzi Producciones or the Classic Theater of Seville. And, above all, in this edition Olite will have an international accent. In addition to Los Colochos de México and Teatro Indigo de Argentina, France is added, with the works Arlequin poli par l'amour and Tartufo, el impostor, in addition to the presence of the Escuela Superior de Teatro de Bordeaux Aquitania.

Dori López
General Director of Culture

See full program.

A feminist and sonorous allegation triumphs at the Almagro Classical Theater Festival

Monday, July 9, 2018

A feminist and sonorous allegation triumphs at the Almagro Classical Theater Festival

The feminist allegation of the writer María de Zayas, in the version of Nando López, has triumphed this Friday during its premiere at the International Festival of Classic Theater of Almagro, getting the Corral de Comedias to provide the actors and their director, Ainhoa ​​Amestoy, a long ovation with the audience on their feet.

"This time may not be yours or mine." With this visionary phrase written more than four centuries ago and compiled now by López, we could summarize the show that Amestoy has brought this year to the Almagreño drama contest and with which he has managed not only to hang the "no tickets" sign but also to conquer an audience that laughs, gets excited and even gets angry during the play.

Terms that four centuries ago were unthinkable such as mansplainig, sisterhood or patriarchy and that already appear in the novel by this writer, undoubtedly ahead of her time and that are reflected in fragments such as "there are several ignorant, that as if women They will take away the understanding for having him, they are consumed by the successes of others ".

In a fun, emotional and exciting proposal, agile and with very deep reflections, Ainhoa ​​Amestoy uses this text to touch on issues as deep as homosexuality, freedom and honor as a throwing weapon against women, female infidelity, the revenge of the woman or the contempt of anything of an intellectual nature done with women.

It is a very choral work, in which none of the actors shines above the other because they all do it from the moment they step on stage and are capable of maintaining an "incredible" height in all the dialogues, be it the more intellectual of Nise (Silvia de Pé); Octavio, a 'Don Juan' who seems to only think about one thing but who shows his human quality (Manuel Moya); Beatriz, the woman who hides a terrible secret and who uncovers the box of truths on a night of involuntary confinement (Lidia Navarro); and Manuel, the man who is unable to reveal his feelings but his nobility (Ernesto Arias).

And all this underlined by a successful sound space reconstructed by David Velasco that not only accentuates the action, but is also capable of moving the viewer in time and space, in addition to making them pass through the different emotional states of the characters.

The work, in which the battle of the sexes or mistreatment also appears, leaves for the viewer reflections such as that "the only truth is that I am not looking for an owner but a companion" or that "true love is in the soul, not in the body"; and that "loving the body with the body, cannot say that it is love, but appetite", questions that the spectator will be able to pose at the Corral de Comedias until Sunday, after which they will travel throughout the country including the Theater of the Madrid comedy in April of next year.

Love disappointments

Based on texts by María de Zayas y Sotomayor _ Nando López version_ Directed by Ainhoa Amestoy

Love disappointments - FIT Clásico de Almagro 2018

What happens when two seventeenth-century women take the floor and show their strongest and proudest side? And what if we dared to imitate them and bare our emotions? These are some of the questions posed by this acidic and, at the same time, thoughtful comedy, written by Nando López based on María de Zayas's Desengaños amoros and with which we at Estival Producciones have wanted to vindicate this author and transfer her modern look at the prism of contemporaneity. Four rebellious and complex protagonists will meet on stage: two women and two men who, victims of a confinement through no fault of their own, will have to share secrets, wishes and even a murder in the middle of a night on which it depends, if they know how to play their cards well, their whole future.

Ainhoa Amestoy

Almagro International Classical Theater Festival 2018

Almagro International Classical Theater Festival 2018

For yet another year, Almagro hosts its most recognized and longest running festival, currently considered the most important in the world in its specialty, which encompasses the theater of the 16th and 17th centuries. Almagro celebrates its 41st edition of the International Classical Theater Festival since last Thursday, the 5th and will last until Sunday, July 29.

The Festival is a place for exhibition and also for meeting between creators, professionals and specialists from various fields in Baroque theater, such as teachers, researchers, critics, directors, actors, producers, set designers, playwrights, specialized journalists, technicians and managers. Being an international event and serving all types of audiences, through its heterogeneous programming, it brings together spectators from all over the world and all ages.

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