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Friday, December 12, 2014

The National Ballet of Spain will present "SUITE SEVILLA" in the solidarity gala to benefit children with intellectual disabilities


Next Tuesday December 16, the Spanish National Ballet will perform the choreography of its director Antonio Najarro, "Suite Sevilla" in a solidarity performance in favor of children with intellectual disabilities, organized by the GMP Foundation for the benefit of FEAPS Madrid, the sponsorship of CBRE and the collaboration of Inaem, Teatros del Canal and La Razón newspaper. This Gala will take place in the Red Room of the Teatros del Canal in Madrid, at 8:00 p.m.

100% of the proceeds will go to FEAPS Madrid, for early care treatments for children from 0 to 6 years old with intellectual disabilities from families with limited resources.


By attending this event, you will not only enjoy an unforgettable evening, but you will also provide hope to many families with financial difficulties who go through great deprivation to give their children this type of treatment.

If you cannot attend the Gala and are interested in collaborating, you can make a donation to the account that the GMP Foundation makes available to you:

ES90 - 0049 / 1803 / 53 / 2310439803

The restoration of the Theater of Clunia is eligible for the AR&PA awards

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ARPA will host an exhibition with all the projects presented on November 15

Roman Theater of the city of Clunia Roman Theater of the city of Clunia

The restoration project of the Roman Theater of Clunia is opting for the AR&PA prize for intervention in Cultural Heritage. The So-called Intervention Project with the remains of the Roman Theater of Clunia, has been launched by the GIR UVA Laboratory for research and intervention in architectural, heritage and cultural landscapes.

These awards were created in 2000 to recognize work in the conservation, rehabilitation and restoration of cultural heritage. In this edition, a single AR&PA International award has been announced to distinguish the interventions and management models in an asset or set of assets belonging to cultural heritage. There have been 24 candidatures from Italy, Portugal and Spain, from which eight finalist projects have been selected, with a clear majority of national origin.

The Jury, which will be composed of the architect Rafael Moneo, the professor of History of architecture and restoration Javier Rivera and the representative of the General Directorate of Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Italy, Manuel Roberto Guido, will award the International prize AR&PA among the eight finalists selected in attention to the technical, cultural and social values of the project. All finalists must present and defend their candidacy during the Biennial, in the 'AR&PA 2014 Awards Panel'. The award ceremony will be held on Saturday, November 15, at 7:00 p.m. and, for the first time, AR&PA will host an exhibition with all the projects presented.

The rehabilitation project of the Roman Theater of Clunia has already received the applause of the sector, since it recently obtained an Honorable Mention at the Piranesi Prix de Rome Awards.

Holy Chamber of Oviedo Holy Chamber of Oviedo

The Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alicia García, has announced the projects that will compete together with the restoration of Clunia for this award. The opponents are the Government of the Principality of Asturias with the project 'Restoration of the Holy Chamber of Oviedo'; Luigi Franciosini with 'Intervention l within the archaeological complex of Trajan's Markets, Rome'; the National Archaeological Museum with 'The remodeling of the National Archaeological Museum'; the Technical Commission for the restoration of the Peral submarine, Cartagena Naval Museum, Spanish Navy thanks to 'Recovery and protection of a valuable ingenuity, the Peral submarine'; the Government of Portugal, Direçao Regional de Cultura do Norte with 'Vilar Frades Convent in Barcelos, Portugal'; the Cabildo of the Cathedral of Tarazona with 'Restoration and management of the Cathedral of Tarazona'; and the project of the Xunta de Galicia, General Director of Cultural Heritage for the 'Parque Arquolóxico da Arte Rupestre Campo Lameiro, in Pontevedra'.

Peral Submarine, Cartagena Naval Museum Peral Submarine, Cartagena Naval Museum

The presentation of the candidates for the awards was made during the presentation by the counselor Alicia García of the IX AR&PA Biennial, a meeting place and discussion forum for professionals and institutions dedicated to the protection, custody, conservation, restoration and management of cultural heritage, in which all those interested in knowing how and why they intervene in the preservation of a cultural heritage participate. It is the only fair that is currently being held in Spain and one of the three most important in this area throughout Europe. It will be held from November 13 to 16.

XXIX Ibero-American Theater Festival of Cádiz 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Get to know the program of this year's edition of the Cádiz theater festival

XXIX Ibero-American Theater Festival of Cádiz 2014

The Ibero-American Theater Festival of Cádiz has been held annually, since 1985; receiving numerous and important awards for his work both in Latin America and in Spain.

Today the twenty-ninth edition begins, until the next day 25, large companies from different countries will pass through the Gran Teatro Falla, Teatro del Títere "LA TÍA NORICA", Central Lechera, Space for contemporary creation Cádiz (ECCO) and other spaces; thus alternating performances in the streets of Cádiz, with performances in various enclaves of the city, to complete a total of 37 performances.

Then you can download the program from the following link, complete program, or visit the official website.

XXXIX International Theater Festival of Vitoria Gasteiz 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

Vitoria is hosting its most important international theater festival these days with an extensive program

XXXIX International Theater Festival of Vitoria Gasteiz 2014

The International Theater Festival is one of the most relevant cultural events for Vitoria citizens and a benchmark for many Spanish cities. For several decades the festival has offered a wide selection of national and international theater, accommodating all genres, from classical to the most avant-garde theater.

Today begins the thirty-ninth edition of the Vitoria theater festival, with a total of 33 shows that make up the program.

You can see the complete program from the following link: Complete program.

Low maintenance elevators

Wednesday, july 31, 2014

Elimination of architectural barriers by means of reduced maintenance lifts, chairs and stair lift platforms.

Low maintenance elevators

The single-family elevator in a home is a great advantage, either to improve accessibility to people, or simply to give a greater value to your home.

The best option is to purchase a reduced maintenance elevator fully adapted to the regulations required by current laws in terms of both safety measures and guarantees.

RETOM, has offered for years the service of elimination of architectural barriers with a wide range of models of Lifts, Chairs, Stairlifts, etc. The elevators are completely adaptable to any home, premises or any type of business both architecturally and aesthetically.

Thanks to its extensive experience, RETOM carries out turnkey projects advising all professionals who influence the adaptation and reform of the entire installation, providing a complete and comfortable service for the client.

To contact the client, you can visit the facilities or contact through the web either by phone, email, social networks, etc.

Visit the range of elevators at the following link: elevators

XXXVII Almagro International Classical Theater Festival in its final stretch

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shortly after concluding the thirty-seventh edition of the Almagro festival, from July 3 to 27, we remember its calendar, we can see it from the following link Almagro Festival Program 2014

Almagro Festival Program 2014

The Almagro International Classical Theater Festival, which has been held in this historic city of La Mancha for 37 years, has over time become an unmissable event for theater lovers, as it is a unique cultural experience in the world.

The legacy of the Baroque and, especially, that of the Spanish Golden Age, find in the Festival an ideal framework to update, recover, revive and continue to be present, year after year, on the national and international contemporary scene.

Around 40,000 people gather, each edition, to attend the numerous shows, events and activities that are scheduled during the month of July, transforming this beautiful city into a huge stage where verses and comedians from all over the world mix. with the spectators and tourists, being then when the magic of the theater arises in any corner. And it is that in Almagro everything is possible ...

CDN Theater Scenography and Plastic Conference

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Valle-Inclán Theater (Madrid) hosts these days the Scenography and Theater Plastic Conference

CDN Theater Scenography and Plastic Conference

The first Days of Scenography and Theatrical Plastic start in our country. Creators, set designers, professionals of the performing arts prepared to inaugurate this great meeting.

Organized by the National Dramatic Center, the sessions have the participation of relevant professionals from the sector in lectures and different work tables.

This magnificent event was attended by colleagues from the technical staff of INDUSTRIAS MAQUIESCENIC in the company of Carmen Pitu, director of the Pan Pa 'Hoy Cultural Association, also participating some of the members of the technical and artistic staff of the association, and technical staff of the SONILES company, specialists in spectacular sound and lighting.


The oldest covered theater in Spain

Friday, June 6, 2014

The oldest covered theater in Spain

Royal Theater Carlos III of Aranjuez

The oldest covered theater in Spain

The Teatro Real Carlos III of Aranjuez, 240 years after its construction, commissioned by Carlos III, according to history also called "the bricklayer king". The colosseum raised the curtain on June 5. This building, considered the oldest covered theater in Spain, casts its remains in its reopening after 25 years of work. What in its origins was a place of entertainment only for the Court of Madrid, and which is presented today as a tourist and cultural revitalizer.

Industrias Maquiescenic deals first with the study of scenic engineering applied then in the improvements of the scenic structure, which consist of the design and installation of auxiliary structures such as the transmission bench located at a height that allows transit underneath it for fixing of the idler pulleys, and various modifications of the comb structure to facilitate the installation of the pulleys.

Subsequently, the installation of double effect Aerial Counterbalanced Cuts is carried out, used to move loads of 500 kg on each set pole, widely used conventionally in theaters for a quick handling of sets. Industrias Maquiescenic is a manufacturer of stage machinery and installs the renowned RETOM® brand, with the best standards and quality controls.

Coinciding with the anniversary of El Greco's death, Industrias Maquiescenic carries out the renovation and expansion works of elements of the stage box of the Toledo El Greco Congress Palace.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Very close to Madrid and located in the historic center of the city of Toledo, it has a privileged location to hold your events: congresses, conventions, events, celebrations, meetings, presentations, ...

It has been designed by the architect and current Prince of Asturias Award winner Rafael Moneo, it is fully integrated into the city.

Its versatility, exclusive service and careful staging will make your event unique, memorable, legendary.

To ensure the success of your events, Industrias Maquiescenic deals first with the scenic engineering study applied, then on the improvements of the scenic structure, which consist of the design and installation of a wall frame to fix the counterbalanced cuts, benches idler with the necessary intermediate supports and the appropriate design for the idler pulleys installed.

The equipment is completed with the installation of motorized cuts formed by chain lifting systems.

The black chamber is also accompanied by a new supply of fabrics with a grammage of 320 g / m2 and fire classification of C-1.

The stage lighting is enhanced by the installation of dimmer racks, also housing a patch panel of dimmer circuits with DPN protection (phase cut and neutral disconnector), DMX digital signal hoses, street towers with height adjustable supports and electrified bar Built-in side panel with 6 independent 2.5 kW circuits, ROBERT JULIAT brand lighting projectors, trolleys for transporting and storing the projectors, ladder trolley-support to facilitate technical and maintenance work at height, etc. Industrias Maquiescenic is a manufacturer of stage machinery and installs the renowned RETOM® brand, with the best standards and quality controls.

More than € 800,000 to program municipal cultural activities

Monday, April 7, 2014

Those interested have a period of 20 business days to submit applications

The Official Gazette of Navarra has published this Monday three calls for grants promoted by the Department of Culture, Tourism and Institutional Relations aimed at supporting the cultural programming of Navarre city councils with a global amount of 809,000 euros.

Thus, the programming of performing arts in municipal spaces, the joint organization of artistic and cultural activities, and those that make up the Department's "Art and Culture" program, that is, music, lyrics, theater, dance, are promoted. exhibitions, cinema and audiovisuals.

Interested parties have until March 31st to submit applications in any of the Navarra Government registries, any other office provided for in article 38.4 of Law 30/1992 on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Administrative Procedure Common or, through the internet, in the catalog of services of the Regional Executive.


This Department thus promotes the call for subsidies to municipalities for the programming of performing arts in the municipal scenic spaces of the Autonomous Community. It is endowed with 461,000 euros and is intended to support the programming of performing arts of professional groups in those municipalities of Navarra that own a scenic space belonging to the Association Red de Teatros de Navarra, or holders of a scenic space that meets the requirements set out in the norm (Annexes II and III), and accredits them by means of a certificate from the secretary of the city council with the approval of the mayor. If the scenic spaces met these requirements, the programming carried out from November 6, 2013 to November 5, 2014 could be subsidized.

Also, the agencies or entities through which the municipalities directly manage their scenic spaces may be beneficiaries, where appropriate. The subsidy percentage will be a maximum of 80% of the justified eligible expenses, and the aid will be distributed in a proportional and equitable way among the beneficiaries, based on the score obtained in the scale of the applications according to the criteria established in the Annex IV.


A call for grants is also being promoted for the joint organization of artistic and cultural activities in Navarra town councils in order to make the proposed programs profitable. It is endowed with 103,000 euros.

Each local entity may participate in a maximum of two joint or joint programs. In addition, the beneficiaries of these grants must meet the following requirements: 1. Also present themselves for the call jointly, one being the organizer and the rest as participants. 2. The municipalities must have a cultural management technician official or contract worker, in which case, the minimum contract must be part-time, or by contracting cultural services with a company. 3. Where appropriate, the organizations or entities through which local entities directly manage their cultural activities may be beneficiaries.

The amount of the aid will be, at most, 80% of the accepted budget, which will be the result of the budget presented by the organizing municipality, reduced by the amounts corresponding to ineligible expenses, in accordance with the provisions of the 5th base of this convocation.


Finally, the Cultural Action Service has also promoted, with an expenditure of 245,400 euros, another call for subsidies to the municipalities of Navarra for carrying out the cultural activities that make up the "Art and Culture" program. The aim is to promote in local entities those shows and exhibitions related to the activities usually carried out by the Cultural Action Service of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Institutional Relations in the field of the following areas: music, lyric, theater, dance , exhibitions, cinema and audiovisuals. Subsidized shows must take place from November 6, 2013 to November 5, 2014 both inclusive.

Local entities with a population of between 1,000 and up to 40,000 inhabitants, as well as those with less than 1,000 inhabitants that present cultural activities with other local entities that together have a population greater than 1,000 inhabitants, will be able to benefit from the aid. They may also be accessed by the organizations or entities through which the local entities directly manage these activities.

Success of the micro-theater initiative initiated by the cultural group PAN PA 'HOY on the occasion of the international theater day

Tuesday, april 1, 2014

Due to the great public acceptance of the PAN PA 'HOY initiative on the occasion of the international theater day, the cultural association has published the following statement extending its performance for two more weeks.

"After the great success of our micro-theaters at PAN PA 'TODAY we invite all those who could not attend to have a good time with all our members. The show consists of 6 performances of about 15-20 min. As in the past sessions, we have a capacity of 40 people so do not delay in reserving your ticket by calling: 667 629 833 (M. Carmen) The hours will be April 4 and 11 (Friday both) at 9:30 p.m. Tickets at € 5 in our facilities at PAN PA 'TODAY (C / Socuellamos 30, 1 piso). WHAT ARE YOU WAITING TO CALL AND RESERVE YOUR TICKET? Here is a small report of the performances of this past week that came out in Castilla-La Mancha TV "

Tomelloso hosts a series of "microteatros" on World Theater Day

Wednesday, march 26, 2014

The Cultural Association PAN PA 'TODAY of Tomelloso will represent for the first time in the town and region a series of micro-theaters on the occasion of World Theater Day.

The premiere will be this Thursday, March 27 at the facilities of Pan Pa 'Hoy, in Socuéllamos street nº 30, 1º.

The hours are Thursday 27: 1st session at 8:00 p.m. and the 2nd at 10:00 p.m.

The hours for Saturday 29 are: 1st session at 7:30 p.m. and the 2nd at 9:30 p.m.

Madrid is preparing for the more than 200 activities of "The Night of the Theaters"

This initiative will feature more than 200 activities in 118 spaces in the region, including theaters, halls and cultural institutions, as well as open-air scenic proposals in eight enclaves of the city.

Tuesday, march 25, 2014

The Culture budget will increase by 17.1% and will specifically support the theater

In this 7th edition of The Night of Madrid Theaters and visitors will be able to enjoy a wide program of performances and activities in 85 scenic spaces, in 25 cultural institutions and in eight open-air spaces. The offer includes a total of 97 performances, which will take place on stages in the capital Madrid and other municipalities in the region. In addition, the public will be able to access discounts of up to 50% on the price of tickets for that day.

Among the 119 activities organized on the occasion of The Night of the Theaters, those that will be held in different theaters stand out, such as meetings between the actors and the public, concerts, exhibitions, talks and visits behind the scenes.

During the evening, in the Teatros del Canal you will be able to attend a suggestive theatrical visit by the Madrid company Morboria. The Paco Rabal Cultural Center will also show the viewer the ins and outs of the world of entertainment and the Corral de Comedias de Alcalá de Henares will serve to make known to the public the evolution of the facilities in a historical scenic space.

There will also be extraordinary activities in the Spanish Theater, in Matadero and in the Castle of Manzanares el Real. Even the Hospital Niño Jesús will participate with works aimed at the little admitted. And one more year, the celebration of "The Night of Max Estrella", at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, which already commemorates its sixteenth edition with a tribute to Valle Inclán, joins La Noche de los Tetros.

The activities in the street will have a special role, the starting gun that will be at 5:00 p.m., in Fuencarral street, with the participation of five companies specialized in street theater and a parade in which children will be the protagonist.


Culture allocates 20 million euros to support stage and musical activities during 2014

MADRID, March 7, 2014

The National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports will allocate a total of 19,940,840 euros to support scenic and musical activities during 2014.

Of this total amount, 13,940,840 euros belong to aid for music, lyric, dance, theater and circus corresponding to the 2014 public call, according to the resolutions published this Friday in the Official State Gazette (BOE ), including the second term of the 2013/14 biennial agreements.

The deadline for the presentation of projects is 25 calendar days from the day following the publication of the call in the BOE, therefore it ends on April 1.

For its part, the PLATEA program - launched by the Secretary of State for Culture - has a budget for its first edition of 6 million euros destined to encourage the circulation of performing arts shows in municipal spaces. PLATEA, which will promote about 1,396 performances in 173 local entities throughout the Spanish geography, started last weekend and will continue until December 2014.

Of the total amount of 13,940,840 euros allocated to aid to music, lyrics, dance, theater and circus by public call, a total of 6,005,917 euros correspond to music, lyrics and dance programs, which represents an increase of 16.6% compared to last year.

Meanwhile, 7,936,923 euros will be allocated to programs for the dissemination, development, preservation and communication of theatrical and circus activities, which is 8.07% more than in 2013. In total, the Institute has managed to increase the allocation of these grants by 12%, that is, 1.44 million euros, according to the institution.

All these grants have the objective of favoring new creation, artistic mobility and the state character of projects, in addition to maintaining and consolidating the technical improvements introduced in previous calls. It also seeks to reinforce transversal criteria, such as gender equality and the accessibility of people with disabilities to cultural activities.

The Lanzarote International Film Festival has more than 2,400 short films registered in its 2014 edition

On January 20, the Official Section was announced on the Festival website, which has seen the participation of international short filmmakers tripled

Lanzarote International Film Festival 2014

On November 30, the registration period for the XIV Lanzarote International Film Festival (FICL) ended, with participation figures that mark a before and after in the history of the Lanzarote contest: a total of 2,427 short films from 81 nationalities different will choose to be part of the Official Section.

More than half of the audiovisual works received (1,400 short films) belong to the International Fiction Shorts category. Countries like Cameroon, Nepal or Turkey are premiered in this edition. Europe, led by France and Germany, is the continent with the largest presence. In this edition, the participation of international short filmmakers has tripled.

The second most popular category, as is tradition, are the National Fiction Shorts, with 458 works (seven more than last year) followed by the 304 Documentary Shorts (186 more) and the Animation Shorts category - new in this fourteenth edition- which has received 266 pieces. Given the high participation this year, the organization has had to expand its Selection Committee to be able to carry out an effective viewing within the timeframe committed in the bases.

The FICL announced the titles that make up its Official Section on January 20, 2014, both through its official website:, and through its social media profiles: ; and @festcinelanza, on Twitter.

The list will be made up of a maximum of 120 short films, which will be screened from March 24 to April 5 at the Teatro Insular de Lanzarote, in the original version with subtitles in Spanish and English.

FICL 2014 is an international event for short films and contemporary Spanish cinema. Based on the annual festival calendar, it is organized by the Department of Education and Culture of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, together with Fisme Producciones.


Montoro announces a possible reduction in cultural VAT

The Minister of Finance assures that the Government "is going step by step" in relation to the tax reform of culture

Montoro announces a possible reduction in cultural VAT

The Minister of Finance, Cristobal Montoro, is already working on a reduction of the cultural VAT, after the reduction to 10 percent of the tax for art transactions became effective.

"We have already lowered that of works of art. We are working on the rest of the tax reform of culture, but they have to let us work. We will go step by step," he told the newspaper Expansión.

The Government raised the VAT from 8 to 21 percent in September 2012. The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, José Ignacio Wert, pointed out on January 25 that he anticipated that the reduction of VAT from 21 to 10 percent for the deliveries of art objects could be extended to the rest of the culture sector during the next few months.

"This is a measure that tries to prevent the relocation of a significant sector of the art market and is the expression of the will of the Government in its tax reform to progressively meet the demands of the cultural sector in this matter," he said. Minister Wert will attend the Goya Awards gala next Sunday, where last year the VAT increase and its impact on the sector was one of the reproaches he had to hear.


The Diputación de Teruel will allocate 80,000 euros to Aid for Cultural Activity in Municipalities

The Diputación de Teruel has approved today, in its plenary session in January, several initiatives that help finance and stimulate cultural activity in the municipalities of the province. The aim, with these measures, is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in rural areas by supporting the holding of cultural events in our towns. A total of 80,000 euros will be earmarked for this purpose. On the other hand, the DPT has also agreed to convene a new edition of its San Jorge Painting and Narration Awards.

The Diputación de Teruel will allocate 80,000 euros to Aid for Cultural Activity in Municipalities

The Diputación de Teruel will continue, in 2014, betting on institutional collaboration and networking as a formula to promote cultural activity in the municipalities. The program called "Red Aragonesa de Espacios Escénicos" is part of this line, which this year will have a global budget of 536,000 euros and in which the DPT will participate with a contribution of 30,000 euros.

This program aims to promote the use of public scenic spaces. It is about stimulating their role, both as cultural centers in their respective municipalities and also as references in the cultural life of our territory. In the province of Teruel, the municipalities of those nuclei with the largest population and that have theaters and / or scenic spaces tend to benefit from this aid.

In 2013, the Diputación de Teruel allocated a total of 27,000 euros to this program and twenty theatrical shows, twelve music concerts and a dance show were subsidized. The municipalities of Teruel, Alcañiz and Andorra were the beneficiaries of this line of cultural work.

On the other hand, the Diputación de Teruel has convened the Cultural Campaign of Music and Theater aimed at promoting the performances of Teruel groups in our province. This cultural offer, to which the DPT dedicates 50,000 euros, is complementary to the one jointly developed by the provincial councils and the Aragonese regions in the Performing and Musical Arts Circuit.

The Music and Theater Cultural Campaign allows the different City Councils of the province to be offered the possibility of programming performances in their municipalities of folk groups, music bands, theater and other cultural leisure proposals promoted by artistic groups from Teruel. In 2013, 283 activities were carried out in 172 locations under this cultural revitalization program.


XXXI Malaga Theater Festival

XXXI Malaga Theater Festival

From January 9 to February 16, 2014 the XXXI edition of the Malaga Theater Festival is held in Malaga. For a little over a month, the Malaga capital becomes the largest stage in Spain, with a program with 75 performances of 27 productions in which we can find shows with the route and the reception of the public and critics of "Hécuba", " The children of Kennedy "," La anarquista "or the musical" Grease ", and actors of the stature of Concha Velasco, Echanove, Maribel Verdú, Emma Suárez, Ariadna Gil, Adriana Ozores, Magüi Mira or Mario Gas.

This year the Festival also includes an extensive program of classical theater with texts by Shakespeare, Calderón, Lope de Vega and Eurípides, as well as a musical aspect with the aforementioned montage of "Grease" which is joined by "Ur" on the text of Calderón, "Barrio de la Paz", "Lucía la Maga" or "Broken Vaudeville".

As a novelty, in this edition of the Malaga Theater Festival we will be able to see special performances in unique settings, such as the Wine Museum (Oh Vino will be seen 12 times) or the MIMMA (Interactive Museum of Malaga Music, 1 Hamlet performance).

  • Cervantes Theater Programming:
  • Julio Cesar (January 15)
  • Feelgood (January 16)
  • Kennedy's sons (January 17 and 18)
  • Another great theater in the world (January 19)
  • Tomás Moro, a utopia (January 21 and 22)
  • Unknown whereabouts (23 and 24 January)
  • Hécuba (January 25 and 26)
  • The poison of the theater (January 29)
  • The Knight of Olmedo (January 30 and 31)
  • Conversations with mom (February 1 and 2)
  • Glease, the musical (February 6 to 10)
  • Echegaray Theater Programming:
  • Nightshot (January 9)
  • Lucia, the Magician (10, 11 and 12 January)
  • Aphrodite and Helen of Troy (January 13)
  • September 1 (January 14)
  • Blue on Green (January 15)
  • Broken vaudeville (January 16)
  • Ay Carmela! (January 17, 18 and 19)
  • The anarchist (January 21, 22 and 23)
  • Petit Pierre (24 and 25 January)
  • Barrio de la Paz (from January 27 to February 1)
  • The dog in the manger (5 to 9 February)
  • Exit (February 10)
  • Punishment without revenge (February 13-16)

The program of the Malaga Theater Festival 2014 is completed with a series of parallel activities such as lectures, workshops or dramatized readings.


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