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Monday, June 15, 2015

FEX 2015 begins, until next July 18, more than 1,500 artists will participate in 85 cultural events


In its programming, in its contents and in the way of exposing them to the public, the Granada International Music and Dance Festival is a living instrument of cultural, educational, tourist and socio-economic action, whose common denominator is EMOTION.

Excitement when sharing artistic proposals of exceptional quality, emotion when enjoying the most beautiful and unique spaces of Granada and the province, emotion when discovering that the Granada destination offers a unique experience of cultural tourism, which is appreciated every year by people from many corners of the world. Spain and abroad, excitement and satisfaction when noting that the Granada Festival becomes for a few weeks a true engine of the city's economy, thanks to the thousands of artists, orchestras, companies and visitors who attend this Festival on time. the senses.

FEX 2015 exceeds the 1,500 artist mark

Today, June 15, the FEX begins, the extension of the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada through the streets, squares and emblematic spaces of the city and the province. This year 85 cultural events are proposed, 72 in Granada capital and 13 in other municipalities. The artistic representation is nourished, more than 1550 artists; There will be solidarity concerts, soloists and ensembles with repertoires from ancient to current music, performing arts and disability shows, flamenco, dance, orchestra, choirs, diverse and participatory shows for children and adults that will be mixed in an agenda that ends on 18 July, spanning 34 days of programming. The new program provides easy and open access to culture for all types of audiences.

We will have the participation of prestigious young soloists and groups from Romania, Portugal, China, the United States, England, Colombia, Russia ...; with the premiere in the framework of Jóvenes-en-Danza of choreographies by Miguel Ángel Berna and Jorge Crecis, performed by the students of the Reina Sofía Professional Dance Conservatory; street actions with musicians and itinerant dancers, fanfare, bands and chamber groups from FEGRABAND, FEGRAP, from the Victoria Eugenia Conservatory of Music in Granada. The elderly will be present in a contemporary dance workshop where art breaks any boundaries of participation. Eleven choral groups from Granada will pay a well-deserved tribute to the recently deceased Maestro Juan Alfonso García.

Granada International Music and Dance Festival

One more year, the Entrelibros Association, in its spirit of provoking emotions and knowledge through literature, in collaboration with the Reina Sofía Professional Dance Conservatory, presents BailaMe a story, by the group Jóvenes-en-Danza, at the Virgen de la Nieves Maternal and Child Hospital, and Caminos will premiere at the Granada Penitentiary Center.

The beginning of the festival is marked with a last minute change in the narrator of Egmont, of Beethoven and Goethe, in the Palace of Carlos V (June 19). The American actor John Malkovich has canceled his participation in the International Dance Music Festival due, according to an official statement, to complications arising from the filming of his new film in the Gulf of Texas, which have altered his schedule. After the appropriate negotiations, the Granada Festival confirms that the protagonist of 'Dangerous friendships' will be replaced on this occasion by the British Charles Dance, recognized worldwide in recent years for the role played as Tywin Lannister, the implacable patriarch of the very famous saga 'Game of Thrones'.

This extraordinary environment also includes a determined vocation for education and training. The Manuel de Falla International Courses continue to be, forty-one years after their creation, a special place to complete high-level training. Hundreds of young people each year choose the Courses because they serve diverse disciplines in the field of creation, research, musical interpretation, scenic photography, dance or art and disability workshops. All Manuel de Falla Courses include academic training, practice and exhibition of activities. Workshops, teachers and students concerts, stage shows, exhibitions, publications, etc. they share the day to day of the Festival.

As an example of collaboration and social co-responsibility with the Festival, multiple institutions, entities, agencies, sponsors and collaborators, local, national and international, participate each year in the Festival activities and many of them program excellent exhibitions and various activities coinciding with the Festival celebration.

See full program


Open the call to participate in the 20th Mostra de Teatre de Barcelona

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Until July 12, companies can send applications to participate in the 20th edition of the Mostra de teatre de Barcelona, ​​which will take place from October to November 2015.

The Mostra de Teatre de Barcelona has opened the call to participate in its 20th edition. Until July 12, the theater companies that have shows that, according to the organization's bases, "combine professionalism, creativity and quality", can send requests. The shows will have to be "easy to assemble and disassemble, and not programmed commercially in Barcelona".

The theater will provide the light and sound material it has available. The staging, props and specific technical material necessary for the performance will be borne by the participants. On the day of the premiere, the room will be made available to the group to rehearse and set up from morning until the time of the performance. All companies must have a sound and light technician.

20th Barcelona Theater Festival

To be eligible to be selected for this year's Show, the following items should be sent to the organization's email (

  • Registration form (found on the Web)
  • Show dossier
  • Artistic file
  • Technical requirements
  • Curriculum of the actors, director and trajectory of the company
  • Extended synopsis of the show and summary of the synopsis in a maximum of 8 lines
  • Copy of the show text
  • Four photos (in JPEG format)
  • Link to the video of the show on Youtube or Vimeo

At the end of July the dates of the chosen works will be announced. The groups not selected will be informed by email. The videos received on DVD of the proposals not selected may be collected until September 30, 2015; after this period, they will be eliminated.


Three awards will be awarded at this Show: Best Show, Best Actress and Best Actor. The Jury's verdict will be made public during the Closing Party, in which the corresponding awards will be presented.

The assembly recognized as Best Show will be awarded with its commercial programming in Barcelona at the Teatro del Raval, provided that it meets the necessary requirements for its exhibition, according to the Artípolis direction.

The awarded shows will be part of the artistic offer of the Circuit of Professional Shows of the Artistic Diffusion Office of the Diputación de Barcelona.


To do theater, to the streets!

Tuesday, june 2, 2015

Valladolid celebrates the TAC festival with 170 shows in which the spectator is the protagonist

The theater takes the streets of Valladolid

Valladolid celebrates the TAC festival with 170 shows in which the spectator is the protagonist

In the heart of Valladolid's Campo Grande park, amidst the gluttony of peacocks, 22 walkers emerged dressed in white coats carrying tall metal chairs and inviting the dozens of people around them to follow them to the spacious Boulevard de Recoletos. There, for an hour, the 18 actors and four musicians from the French theater company Oposito perform Kori Kori, a show in which the performers become a choir that sings in an invented language, dance tangos and waltzes and move up and below, dragging the audience with them, who now sit, now stand up, follow them, clap their hands or clap their hands.

It is the theater with free admission, without stalls or stage, in which the actors endure the sun or the wind and at the end of the play they pass their hats or sell CDs and DVDs to take some coins. From last Wednesday to Sunday, May 31, whoever visited Valladolid would find this kind of performances, those of the XVI International Festival of Theater and Street Arts (TAC): plays, circus, dance, music, mime, audiovisual shows. .. The artistic director of this event since its first edition, held in 2000, Javier Martínez, explains that the origin of the TAC was, at the end of the last century, in the carnivals, when "a meeting of street arts was held." Later, the PP arrived at City Hall and "decided that it would become a festival." The Valladolid City Council "is today 95% of this appointment, which has a budget that exceeds 600,000 euros." The organization estimates that some 200,000 people attend the shows, programmed in 23 spaces: Campo Grande, squares, in front of churches, in the cloister of the National Sculpture Museum ...

Therefore, the streets are the scene of the more than 170 productions carried out by 53 companies from 12 countries (especially from Europe, and also from Argentina, Peru, Israel and Kenya). The Official section is the axis, with 33 groups and dance as the protagonist, while the Off is for proposals by 15 companies, less known and whose main ingredient is the circus. Five representatives of Valladolid have their place in the North Station section to "unleash a type of work that they do not do throughout the year." In any case, it is a contest in which "the international component predominates because unfortunately in Spain the street arts have not yet evolved so much. We are distanced from what is done in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany ... "says Martinez.

Valladolid celebrates the TAC festival with 170 shows in which the spectator is the protagonist

"In the TAC you can see forms of expression that suffocate in theaters and that is why they go through the walls of the rooms, to locate where the individual makes his life," he describes. "They are shows that do not have to have the classic structure of approach, middle and end, but are based on suggestion, so that the public can build their own story". And looking at them on the street, "people rediscover their city and exchange emotions."

Feelings like those expressed by the kids who approach the members of the Oposito company when they finish their show in Campo Grande to take photos and kiss them, as happens to the Russian Yana Maizel, who has been a flamenco dancer in Madrid! "The public here is fantastic. In other places it is more reserved but in Valladolid it is involved from the first moment and gets excited," he says. Actors like Yana "are more seasoned than those in the living room," says Martínez, because "the life of street artists is harder: they act with the sound of a girl crying, or with that of an ambulance, or a bus, or someone who passes by and does not know that at that moment there is silence and is talking. "

Human pyramids

Valladolid celebrates the TAC festival with 170 shows in which the spectator is the protagonist

A few hundred meters from the Russian Yana, in the Plaza Mayor, the Black Blues Brothers perform in a crowded grandstand with about 1,000 people (and many others queuing to enter), five Kenyans who put the audience on their feet with their recital of awesome stunts, jumps and human pyramids. All set with the soundtrack of the comedy by John Landis that gives them their name. When the performance is over, people rush to follow L'enterrement de maman, the hilarious funeral procession represented by France's Compagnie Cacahuéte. With a coffin in tow, an extravagant family interacts with the audience, who may end up bathed in water or in the beer that the actors drink on the terraces, turned into makeshift stages.

At the foot of the old monastery of San Benito, today an exhibition hall, Sendas was taking place at that time, a piece by the Sevillian company Danza Mobile that seeks a different objective. This group demonstrates - as one of the two dancers in the show makes clear - that people with intellectual disabilities can get on stage or, in this case, do street art.

The Provincial Council subsidizes the purchase of tickets for the Almagro Festival

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Provincial Council subsidizes the purchase of tickets for the Almagro Festival

The Provincial Council of Ciudad Real opened on April 29 the deadline to submit subsidy applications for collective assistance to the shows scheduled during the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival, which this year will take place between 2 and 26 of next July.

The Official Gazette of the Province (BOP) included the bases of this call, which has a global budget of 18,000 euros and can be requested by municipalities and entities of lower scope than the municipality until next May 29.

The grants will be five euros for each ticket purchased, regardless of the show in question and its cost, and it will be necessary to deliver proof of purchase. In the same way, there is a limit depending on the inhabitants of each locality. For municipalities with fewer than 5,000 residents, a limit of 200 tickets is set, that is, 1,000 euros. In towns that exceed that figure, the limit is 300 tickets, that is, 1,500 euros.

The processing of these subsidies is carried out entirely through the Platform of Telematic Notifications of the Provincial Council, Appears, for which the interested municipalities must be registered in this system. At the same time, the town councils and local entities that receive this subsidy must make it appear in the promotion of this activity and certify it in a reliable way with the contribution of the material that attests it.

The Provincial Council sets a period of three months to study and resolve the files, after which those not notified will be understood as denied.

The Provincial Council subsidizes the purchase of tickets for the Almagro Festival launches its official App for Android and IOS

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yesterday, April 29, on the occasion of the international dance day, presented its new App now available on Android and very soon on IOS launches its official App for Android and IOS

This App has:

  • Geo-location maps: it will be possible to access information on dance events and resources that are of interest to the user and that are being carried out or that will take place in the future around their geographical location.

  • Navigation maps: Contains three blocks of information:
    • News, to keep up to date with dance news in Spain.
    • Events, with the billboard of dance performances that take place throughout the Spanish geography. It also includes information on courses, conferences, seminars, festivals, residencies and dance competitions, in all its stylistic modalities.
    • Resources, direct access to the databases of the Dance Portal,, where you can find detailed information and contact details for teaching centers, scenic spaces, companies, associations, companies, choreographic and documentation centers.

  • In addition, the application has a list and calendar, as well as the option to save in 'My favorites' those events or resources that are of special interest and contact the entities directly from the mobile device.

The technical requirements for the mobile device are:

  • Android version
    • Android version: 4.0.3 or higher
    • Recommended minimum: 1Gb RAM
    • Installation package size: 10Mb
    • App size on device: 15Mb
    • Posted on Play Store

  • IOS version
    • IOS version 7.0 or higher
    • Minimum recommended iPhone 4S or higher
    • Installation package size: 10Mb
    • App size on device: 15Mb
    • Posted on iTunes

Also available for free download from:

García anticipates that from Monday they will be able to request the aid to the rehabilitation

Monday, April 20, 2015

These grants can cover up to 66% of the reform with respect to accessibility improvements

García anticipates that from Monday they will be able to request the aid to the rehabilitation

The Minister of Development, Marta García de la Calzada insisted this Friday that the remodeling of buildings to adapt them to the regulations on energy efficiency or accessibility is a concern for the regional government and advanced that this same Monday, the 20th, the deadline for those citizens or neighborhood communities that have to undertake improvements in this regard in their homes can request rehabilitation aid.

For this, the Community Board has enabled around 20 million euros for the entire region. Marta García de la Calzada indicated that, as in Albacete, in Castilla-La Mancha, a little more than half of the buildings are aged and alluded to the fact that this is a figure that is above the national average.

These data were provided on Friday by the Minister of Development of the Community Board, Marta García de la Calzada, in her attention to the communications media before participating in an information session, under the heading ´Rehabilitation of Buildings´, organized by the Official College of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Albacete.

The head of Public Works explained that these aids can cover 50% of the cost of reform works, and even go up to 66% when it comes to improving accessibility.

She showed that thanks to these reform and conservation works "the quality of life of the Castilian-La Mancha will be increased."

The Almagro Festival programs 94 performances in its most comical edition

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yesterday the 38th edition of the festival was presented with 53 companies from 10 countries, and a budget of 1.4 million euros

The Almagro Festival programs 94 performances in its most comical edition

The Almagro International Classical Theater Festival, which will be held between July 2 and 26, will feature 94 performances in its 38th edition that will be performed by 53 theater companies, 12 of them international from ten countries.

The director of the Festival, Natalia Menéndez, presented yesterday afternoon in Almagro the program for the 2015 edition that makes a firm commitment to comedy "that returns with unusual force" and that incorporates a new stage space, the After Classics, which will offer Short-term "provocative shows" starting at 1 am.

Under the slogan "A classic, do you dare?", The Festival is also experiencing economic recovery and thanks to the increase in administrative support from Inaem, the Community Board and the Provincial Council increases its budget by 5.85% until reaching the almost 1.4 million euros.

The Almagro Festival, which this year will have the Republic of Korea as the guest country, will open on July 2 with the delivery of the Corral de Comedias Award that this year will receive José Luis Gómez, "a man of the theater" in the words of Menéndez, who "has managed to give orality the place it deserves."

The Tribute of the year, which will take place on July 23, will be for the doctor in Theory, History and Practice of Theater from the University of Alcalá de Henares and professor of voice and language at Resad, Vicente Fuentes.

Scenic spaces

The Almagro Festival programs 94 performances in its most comical edition

In total, in Almagro this year will be represented in the 17 stage spaces that exist 54 shows, of which 22 are premieres, 11 absolute and 11 national, but in its offer there will also be exhibitions, concerts, meetings, workshops and conferences aimed at all the public.

Two unique events for Castilla-La Mancha will also have a special role this summer. The celebration of the IV Centenary of the publication of the second part of Don Quixote and the 500th anniversary of the death of Saint Teresa of Jesus. "Both were clear that from bonhomie a better world can be built for everyone," that is the sense in which they fit into this Festival, said the director. In total there are five works scheduled with eight performances and one exhibition for Don Quixote and two plays and five performances for Santa Teresa.

Relationship with Fuente Obejuna

Besides having the presence, for the first time, of the Teatro de la Zarzuela, the lace-making city will host the twinning of the towns of Almagro and Fuente Obejuna with the representation of "Fuenteovejuna" in the Plaza Mayor. In addition to reaffirming her commitment to national production (with 39 Spanish companies present), Natalia Menéndez assured that there will be five co-productions.

The International Children's Baroque Contest at the Municipal Theater, with 32 performances, and the International Almagro Off Contest aimed at new creators and which this year has selected 10 productions, complete an edition in which prices are maintained with minimum tickets of eight euros and maximum of 27 and discounts of 50% on the day of the spectator, which is again on Thursday

Almagro will once again be a meeting point for the most important names in the performing arts at an international level. In this edition, in which the American actor Tim Robbins will direct "A Midsummer Night's Dream", directors such as José Luis Gómez, Carme Portacelli, Eduardo Vasco, Juan Dolores Caballero and Ana Zamora, among others, as well as actors from the likes of Charo López, Blanca Portillo, Sergio Peris Mencheta or Andrés Lima.

The presentation of the program, which was held yesterday afternoon at the Palacio de los Condes de Valparaíso de Almagro, was also attended by the deputy director general of Inaem, Cristina Santolalla, the general director of Culture of the Board, Javier Morales, the vice president of Culture of the Diputación, Ángel Caballero, and the mayor of Almagro, Luis Maldonado.

All of them wanted to highlight the "vitality and innovation" of the team led by Natalia Menéndez, who over the last six years has known how to "reinvent" the Festival and build it, despite the crisis, incorporating new sections also aimed at other types of public.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tickets for the eighteenth edition of the Malaga Spanish Cinema Festival 2015 are on sale


The Malaga Festival was born in 1998 and in each of its editions it has sought to achieve a series of objectives, among them, to favor the dissemination and promotion of Spanish cinematography, to become a national and international benchmark in the field of demonstrations. cinematographic and contribute to the development of Malaga as an open and cultural city.

The Malaga Festival, which this year celebrates its Eighteenth Edition, contributes powerfully to the development of Spanish-language cinema by presenting its best Documentaries, Short Films, etc., in addition to paying tribute to different personalities from the film industry and organizing numerous cycles, exhibitions and activities parallel. The Malaga Festival wants to reach all audiences and in its desire to present and promote a broad panorama of film culture, it aims to always be attentive to training, creativity and innovation, framed within an activity that stands out for its character dynamic in continuous evolution and transformation.

This eighteenth edition will take place from April 17 to April 26 at the Teatro Cervantes, Carpa FNAC, Cine Albéniz and Teatro Echegaray.

Today, April 7, and tomorrow the Premium Spectator passes will go on sale, from the 9th the rest of the tickets will go on sale.

You can check the schedule here.

The Ministry of Culture publishes all its grants for the year 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

For the first time, the Ministry compiles the aid to be announced in 2015 in a single document

The Ministry of Culture publishes all its grants for the year 2015

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has published the annual aid program for the year 2015. For the first time, the Ministry compiles all the aid programming that will be convened throughout the year 2015 in a single document. There are a total of 158 planned programs and they have a budget of almost 1,693 million euros.

This directory includes scholarships, grants, competitive competition awards, awards without prior request from the interested party and other aids such as loans or aid in kind.

You can consult all the aids in the attached document.

The Government will lower the cultural VAT from 21 to 10%

Monday, March 09, 2015

Mariano Rajoy seeks the moment to announce a tax reduction that will barely have a budgetary impact of 200 million euros

The Government will lower the cultural VAT from 21 to 10%

The President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, has already made the decision. Now there are only the times, the best time to announce to the world of culture the VAT reduction on shows, from the current 21% to 10%. A measure more than expected and claimed since that July 11, 2012, in which the force of the events forced the Chief Executive to approve a broad package of reforms with cuts for officials and the unemployed and tax increases, with the aim of achieve an adjustment of 65,000 million euros in two years for an inherited economy that put Spain on the brink of rescue.

The delicate financial situation of the country and pressure from European partners forced Rajoy, against his electoral program, to raise VAT, the tax that is most sensitive to fiscal changes and has a more immediate effect on the economy. The general rate increased three points, from 18% to 21%, and the reduced rate went from 8% to 10%. The super-reduced rate remained at 4%. Culture was one of the sectors that was affected by the highest tax increase; the rate for cultural shows went from 8% to 21%; only books, newspapers and magazines remained at 4%.

For the past two years, the government has insisted that it would lower taxes when the situation allowed. And it seems to be the most appropriate moment, when the Spanish economy grows above 1.4% at the end of 2014 and more than 400,000 jobs have been created. Now, what it is about is to return to the situation before July 1, 2012 for the world of culture, very critical and combative during these years with the Government's measure. Since then, cultural entrepreneurs have opted to bombard Rajoy's mailbox with letters with a single message: "Lower the cultural VAT now."


INAEM: Aid and subsidies for Performing Arts and Music

Monday, January 12, 2015

Next February, and as every year, the INAEM will publish the call for aid in the Official Gazette

INAEM: Aid and subsidies for Performing Arts and Music

The INAEM publishes in the Official State Gazette in February the call for aid, to encourage, dance and music contemplating tours at the national and international level; for amounts ranging from 15,000 to 100,000 euros.

Regarding the music section, this support is intended for performers and lyric and music groups that make tours of Spain, lyric and music groups for tours of inter-autonomous projects and tours of the national territory of projects of new lyric and musical creation.

In the international section, the grants are aimed at performers and lyric and music groups that rotate abroad, non-profit entities of state scope that carry out lyric and music activities, festivals, exhibitions, contests and conferences of lyric and music, scenic and musical spaces and entities that organize lyrical seasons, composition commissions linked to premiere.

Complementary aid programs are included for lyrical and musical communication with the Insular Autonomous Communities and the Cities with the Statute of Autonomy of Ceuta and Melilla.

Regarding the evaluation of the projects, the following points will be taken into account:

  • The nature or national projection of the activity or project. For this purpose, its extension throughout the national territory or its representative character of the Spanish cultural heritage in its rich diversity will be taken into account.
  • Its international projection, or degree of diffusion and impact that it may have abroad, favoring the knowledge of Spanish cultural heritage beyond our borders. Projects to promote Spanish dance, lyric and music in America will have special consideration.
  • The artistic and technical quality of the project, and that it keeps an adequate proportion with the cost of the project.
  • Her contribution to the recovery, preservation and dissemination of the Spanish choreographic, lyrical and musical heritage, made with information, historical criteria and respect for sources.
  • The social profitability generated by the project or activity. Special attention will be paid to its possible positive impact on disadvantaged groups or at risk of exclusion, as well as its contribution to attracting new audiences and to the territorial rebalancing of the choreographic, lyrical and musical offerings in Spain.
  • The social profitability generated by the project or activity. Special attention will be paid to its possible positive impact on disadvantaged groups or at risk of exclusion, as well as its contribution to attracting new audiences and to the territorial rebalancing of the choreographic, lyrical and musical offerings in Spain.
  • The stability, trajectory and solvency of the applicants, the consistency and cultural interest of their projects, as well as their coherence with the budget presented.

The deadline for submitting applications is thirty calendar days from the day following the publication of the call in the Official State Gazette.

Remember, the call is usually published in February. All the information here.

ON TOUR 2015 promotes 24 new shows in 22 Navarran towns between January and May

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Government of Navarra will finance between 50 and 70% of the cache of theater, music and dance shows

ON TOUR 2015 Govt. Navarre

Ten theater companies from Navarra will carry out 24 performances in 22 towns in Navarra, between January and May 2015, in the context of the DE GIRA program, organized by the General Directorate of Culture of the Government of Navarra in collaboration with the Network of Theaters de Navarra in order to promote professional companies in the Autonomous Community by means of hiring aid and increase the programming in the spaces of the Network of Theaters. The program is endowed with 100,000 euros.

This new edition, which will be available on the website, will last a year with two phases: the first will run from January to May and the second from September to December 2015.

During the first phase, which has a budget of 50,000 euros, the scenic spaces in Navarra belonging to the Network of Theaters of Navarra will include professional Navarran companies whose performing arts projects have received a grant from the Government of Navarra in their programming. the Call for Production Aid during this term (2011-2014). The Government of Navarra will finance 50% of the cache for theater and music shows and, in the case of dance, the financing will reach 70%, the remaining percentage being in charge of each city council, as well as the expenses derived from the execution of the show and the dissemination of the activity in the town.

In the second phase of the program, from September to December 2015, endowed with another 50,000 euros, these scenic spaces will be offered the possibility of contracting some of the best valued projects in the call for Aid to Scenic Productions 2015.

First phase of the program

To make the selection of the shows, the General Directorate of Culture invited all the town councils belonging to the Network of Theaters of Navarra to participate. Of the 28 municipalities with enabled stages, 22 requested to participate in the program.

These locations have been offered a total of 25 shows by 20 professional companies that received grants for their performing arts projects during the years 2011 to 2014 and that are still active.

After the selection made by the town councils, ten shows are finally part of the program, two of them dance and the remaining eight theater, musical theater, circus and magic. Of these, three shows are aimed at children. In total there will be 24 performances, of which seven will be dance and 17 theater, circus or magic.

The productions that make up the tour in 2015 are: Little Red Riding Hood / Txanogorritxo Rock from Tdifference, Crossing the Mirror of the Illusionist Pero III, Three Stone Trees by Producciones Maestras, El Poor de Me, Uncle Vania from Atikus Teatro, Ploc, ploc… PLIK ! from Past 4 o'clock, OnirO by the Circustanzia circus company, An Anyone Couple from Cronopia Films and Salto de Eje, and the Flecha Rota dance shows from Dínamo Danza and Meeting Point, from Fueradeleje.

ON TOUR 2014

On December 30, the last function of DE GIRA 2014 was represented, which, from September 11 to December 30, has been present in 23 locations with 37 representations. The show closed with the show ¡Como una cabra !, by Trokolo Teatro, which performed in San Adrián.

3 companies have participated in this tour, with the 3 highest rated projects in the call for subsidies for the production of performing arts. It is TDifference, with Caperucita Rock / Txanogorritxo Rock, La Nave Producciones Teatrales and El Pleito de Areúsa and Trokolo Teatro with ¡Como una cabra! / Burutik Jota!

BASES BY WHICH THE PROCEDURE AND THE DEADLINES ARE ESTABLISHED for the presentation of proposals for Performing and Musical Arts shows to be included in the 2015 catalog OF THE RED ARAGONESA DE ESPACIOS ESCÉNICOS PROGRAM

Monday, January 12, 2015

Published in BOA nº 226 of 11/18/2014
Deadline for submission of proposals ends on 01/20/2015

Performers, companies or groups of performing arts and music (or their distribution companies on their behalf), who are registered in the census of businessmen, professionals and retainers of the Tax Agency, can present artistic proposals for inclusion in the Catalog, appearing in any of the epigraphs of artistic activities, consistent with the production or representation of artistic shows.

For the preparation of the shows that will make up the Base Catalog to be offered within the framework of the Aragonese Network of Scenic Spaces (RAEE), a maximum of 560 shows will be selected, distributed by artistic disciplines as follows:
Theater: 250 shows.
Music: 250 shows.
Dance: 60 shows.

More information here


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