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29th Live Music Market of Vic

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

29th Live Music Market of Vic

The Mercat de Música Viva de Vic is a professional meeting point that brings together all sectors of the music industry.

Since 1989, every September and for four days, agents from all areas of music, from all over the world, come to Vic to learn about new proposals, attend forums, exchange knowledge and buy and sell music.

The MMVV has built a bridge between continents, whereby culture and musical initiatives cross in both directions. Based in southern Europe, MMVV creates international networks of professionals and creates new spaces for creation by fostering collaboration between artists from around the world.

At the state level, Vic is the platform for all the Autonomous Communities that present their groups, create complicities and spaces for cooperation and exchange, within the framework of a unique event throughout the Spanish territory.

In short, the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic is essential to discover the sounds that beat, mainly, in Catalonia, Spain and the Mediterranean arch, without forgetting the rest of the world.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

BRUNO BELISSIMO 00h00 / Sala Pasternak - Club MV / Gratis DIEGO HDEZ 19h45 / Jazz Cava / Gratis
DUOT & ANDY MOOR 22h45 / Jazz Cava / Gratis EPHEMERALS 21h15 / Carpa Vermella / Gratis
EVA PROJECT 13h45 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados GEMMA ABRIɉ & MIQUEL À€NGEL CORDERO 17h15 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados
GEMMA HUMET 12h30 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados GUADI GALEGO 19h45 / Carpa Vermella / Gratis
MARCO MEZQUIDA 19h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / Invitación MARGA M'BANDE 20h30 / Carpa Negra / Gratis
MARIA RODɉS 22h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / Invitación MATTHEW MCDAID 11h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / * Profesionales acreditados
MO'KALAMITY & THE WIZARDS 22h00 / Carpa Negra / Gratis PACHAWA SOUND 16h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados
SAÏM 21h15 / Jazz Cava / Gratis THE GRAMOPHONE ALLSTARS BIG BAND 22h45 / Carpa Vermella / Gratis
XARIM ARESTÉ 19h00 / Carpa Negra / Gratis

Thursday, September 14, 2017

ALBERTO MONTERO 20h30 / Auditori Atlàntida / Pago BALANYÀ - ROGERS - SANDERS 22h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / Pago
CARMEN BOZA 21h15 / Carpa Negra / Pago INTANA 22h30 / Jazz Cava / Pago
JANSKY 23h45 / Jazz Cava / Pago JEREZ TEXAS 13h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados
JORGE DA ROCHA 20h30 / Carpa Vermella / Pago LA CANALLA 11h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados
LA DINAMO 18h15 / Zona Atlàntida / Gratis LONDON AFROBEAT COLLECTIVE 22h45 / Carpa Negra / Pago
MATTHEW MCDAID 22h00 / Carpa Vermella / Pago MEMORIA DE PEIXE 21h15 / Jazz Cava / Pago
MORGAN 12h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados SANDRA BERNARDO 00h45 / Sala Pasternak - Club MV / Pago
THE UNFINISHED SYMPATHY 23h30 / Carpa Vermella / Pago VINICIO CAPOSSELA + CABOSANROQUE 19h15 / Teatre Atlàntida / Pago
XAVIER BARÓ 23h30 / Auditori Atlàntida / Pago LÁGRIMAS DE SANGRE 22h45 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF
HOWLIN'DOGS 20h55 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF SANTO MACHANGO 21h50 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF
NO MATTERS 20h00 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF

Friday, September 15, 2017

ALBERT AF EKENSTAM 23h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / Pago AMORANTE 19h30 / Carpa Vermella / Pago
AURORA 20h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / Pago BRIGHTON 64 23h30 / Carpa Negra / Pago
CHRISTINA ROSENVINGE 20h45 / Teatre Atlàntida / Pago CRIATURES 16h30 / / *Profesionales acreditados
DANI NEL·LO 21h30 / Auditori Atlàntida / Pago DJ MAMAYÉ 01h30 / El Sucre / Gratis
DJ MAMAYÉ 23h00 / El Sucre / Gratis DJs ENEIDA FEVER! & REYES TORÍO 01h45 / Sala Pasternak - Club MV / Pago
DOLO 20h30 / Plaça Major / Gratis EKIZA 13h30 / Aula MV / *Profesionales acreditados
ESPAÑA CIRCO ESTE 11h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados FABRIZIO CAMMARATA 12h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados
GLI SPORTIVI 13h00 / Auditori Atlàntida / *Profesionales acreditados GUILLEM RAMISA 20h00 / Jazz Cava / Pago
IZARO 18h45 / Carpa Negra / Pago LA DAME BLANCHE 21h00 / Carpa Vermella / Pago
LA VIDA BOHÈME 20h15 / Carpa Negra / Pago MAMAS GUN 22h45 / Carpa Vermella / Pago
MAX GARCÍA CONOVER 23h00 / Jazz Cava / Pago MUCHACHITO 23h15 / Plaça Major / Gratis
MUEVELOREINA 00h45 / Sala Pasternak - Club MV / Pago NÚRIA GRAHAM 22h15 / Teatre Atlàntida / Pago
O SISTER! 22h00 / Carpa Negra / Pago ORIOL ROCA TRIO 18h30 / Auditori Atlàntida / Pago
RAMON MIRABET 21h45 / Plaça Major / Gratis SARA TERRAZA 18h30 / Jazz Cava / Pago
SUPERSAX PROJECT 16h30 / / *Profesionales acreditados TALCO 02h00 / El Sucre / Gratis
TITA PARRA TRIO 19h15 / Teatre Atlàntida / Pago WITHERED HAND & A SINGER OF SONGS 21h30 / Jazz Cava / Pago
ZOO 00h15 / El Sucre / Gratis GESSAMI BOADA 21h10 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF
DAVID MAURICIO 20h00 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF XOAN SÁNCHEZ 23h30 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF
GUIDO DI BLASI NTP 22h20 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF

Saturday, September 16, 2017

CIA ROGER CANALS 13h00 / Carpa Vermella / Gratis DOCTOR PRATS 02h00 / El Sucre / Gratis
DUENDE JOSELE 23h00 / El Sucre / Gratis LA IAIA 21h45 / Plaça Major / Gratis
NATXO TARRÉS & THE WIRELESS 12h00 / Carpa Vermella / Gratis PAVVLA 20h30 / Plaça Major / Gratis
SENIOR I EL COR BRUTAL 23h15 / Plaça Major / Gratis TXARANGO 00h15 / El Sucre / Gratis
L'EMPERADOR 18h00 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF LAKASTE 20h15 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF
PANELLET 19h30 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF SALVATGE COR 18h45 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF

Sunday, September 17, 2017

BANDBOO 21h30 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF IMPULS 20h30 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF
JAZZ ON MARS 18h30 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF SOLO K.OS 19h30 / Plaça dels Màrtirs / Gratis - OFF


48 International Festival of Theater, Music and Dance of San Javier

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

48 International Festival of Theater, Music and Dance of San Javier

The 48th edition of the festival is held from August 2 to 24.

The 48th edition of the Festival began on August 2 on the promenade of Santiago de la Ribera with "Metaworphosis", a montage based on the work of Ovidio that includes a parade of fantastic characters that, accompanied by a spectacular band, recreate mythological passages such as the myth of Arachne, Athena, or the rape of Europa.

The actress Aitana Sánchez Gijón, who receives the Festival Award, stars in "Las Troyanas", on August 6, along with Ernesto Alterio. Carmen Portacceli directs the montage on a version by Alberto Conejero of Eurípides's work in which women are given a voice after the bloody Trojan War.

The San Javier Theater Group, which always has its place in the Festival that emerged 48 years ago with the then amateur group of which there are still active actors, will arrive today on August 9 with the fun comedy of Zorrilla "Where there are grievances there is no jealousy ", adapted and directed by José Antonio Navas.

The Chinese dance company "Tao Dance Theater" that is revolutionizing the world of contemporary dance in the world with the minimalist style imprinted on its prestigious director Tao Ye will perform on August 11.

The Festival will include parallel activities such as a theater course, with a monograph. Likewise, the premiere of an artistic intervention by the authors of the poster for the 48th edition, the duo Muher, who were present, was announced, which will occupy the main entrances of the Almansa Park auditorium, headquarters of the Festival.

Ticket prices remain popular to facilitate access to the festival, with two free street shows, and general prices for theater shows of 14-16 euros, depending on the area, 12 euros for the San Javier Group, and 10 euros for the family show.

The purchase can be made through the website, at the Festival Office, located on the ground floor of the San Javier Town Hall and at the box office.

The subscription with a cost of 110 euros for 11 shows, excludes the children's night, and the two musical shows whose prices vary according to the seating area, these range between 20 and 45 euros.

Then we leave you all the programming so that you do not miss any event.

48 International Festival of Theater, Music and Dance of San Javier

Santander International Festival - 66th Edition

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Santander International Festival - 66th Edition

The Santander International Festival reaches its 66th edition with a program that is firmly committed to reaching out to the greatest number of people and continuing the quality artistic line of previous years. The FIS is presented, once again, as a meeting point around the music and dance of artists and performers from different cultural backgrounds, who offer us their different views on a heritage that has become common. This year's programming is a sample of cultural diversity and a reflection of what is happening on the international scene.

The opening concert will take place on Saturday, August 5 with Juan Pérez Floristán together with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of Juanjo Mena. The Sevillian pianist, winner in 2015 of the Paloma O’Shea International Piano Competition, thus confirms his international projection in an event that will be sponsored by the EDP Foundation.

In this new edition we will be able to listen to the sounds of orchestras from Asia and America, rare in European circuits. The brilliant sound of one of America's oldest orchestras, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, will close the Festival on Thursday, August 31 with Brahms' First Symphony. The French violinist Renaud Capuçon, consolidated among the solitas of the highest level, will accompany the group in this concert conducted by Louis Langreé. The event is sponsored by Viesgo.

And on Tuesday, August 22, the public will enjoy the emerging talent of the young Asian performers of the Asian Youth Orchestra. Together with two great figures, the conductor James Judd and the violinist Vadim Repin, the public will be able to enjoy Mahler's First Symphony and Shostakovich's Violin Concerto. This conference has the collaboration of the UIMP.

Another example of artistic diversity as an outstanding hallmark of this year will be the presentation for the first time in Spain of Jordi Savall's project Las routes of slavery. It is a multicultural proposal, in which the ensembles of the Catalan director, Hespèrion XXI and the Capella Reial de Catalunya, join musicians from Mali, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela. Music and history go hand in hand in this show to 'keep the memory alive'. We can enjoy it on Saturday August 19.

The Santander International Festival will offer a total of 48 events throughout the month of August, including symphonic and baroque concerts, dance shows, recitals, contemporary music, chamber concerts and old music, family shows, as well as concerts in the Historical Frameworks of the region. The Cantabria Palace of Festivals will host 23 events: twenty shows and three screening sessions.

Celebration dates: from August 5 to 31, 2017

Scheduling calendar


Olmedo Classical Theater Festival

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Olmedo Classical Theater Festival

The twelfth edition of the Olmedo Clásico Festival will offer twelve shows between Friday, July 14 and Sunday, 23. In those ten days, a careful selection will take place on the stages of the two spaces from among the best Classic proposals released in recent months inside and outside from Spain.

As in previous years, quality and variety have been fundamental factors for the choice.

Cervantes, Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca occupy the privileged positions of the theatrical offer with three pieces each. The reasons behind Lope and Calderón do not require explanation as they are the highest representatives of the Spanish theatrical baroque. In the case of Cervantes, his position is due not so much to the attractiveness of his theater as to the possibilities of dramatizing his novels, and especially Don Quixote, which in 2017 celebrates the fourth centenary of the joint publication of its two parts, as well as the first edition of The works of Persiles and Sigismunda.

There will also be the opportunity to see a show by Agusn Moreto, who next year will celebrate the IV Centenary of his birth. Olmedo Clásico could not miss the celebration of the Bicentennial of the birth of José Zorrilla and has scheduled various events within its Conference. Among the pieces that will be exhibited at the Festival are some of those that are part of the canonical repertoire, such as Fuente Ovejuna, El lindo don Diego, El perro del hortelano or Hamlet, of which new and enriching visions will be offered; but there are also others that have rarely taken to the stage in recent decades, and will be a discovery for the viewer, such as El rufián bliss, Eco y Narciso, La hija del aire or La judía de Toledo.

Catalog of the complete programming

Almagro International Classical Theater Festival 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Almagro International Classical Theater Festival 2017 Almagro International Classical Theater Festival 2017

The Almagro Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary with its most international edition in its history.

Germany as the guest country and Israel participating for the first time together with companies from 11 other different nationalities will visit a contest that will celebrate its history and give Sacristán the Corral de Comedias Award.

In total, 102 performances (25 of them premieres) by 50 companies can be seen. The CNTC will premiere "La dama duende", directed by Pimenta.

For this round edition, Menéndez has orchestrated the most international program of the Almagro Festival. Stages of 13 different nationalities will be able to be seen from July 6 to 30 in the town of La Mancha and Germany will act as the guest country. "We have never had such an international presence, there are countries like Israel and Romania that had never been present," continues Menéndez. Nationalities such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Holland, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, France, Greece and Colombia complete the list ... So the purpose is to go around the world of classics without leaving La Mancha thanks to companies such as Flute Theater (UK) or Push Your Art Company (Greece).

In total, 102 performances (25 of them premieres) by 50 companies can be seen. In the national section, the premiere of La dama duende, by Calderón de la Barca, by the National Classical Theater Company, stands out. It was a tradition that the formation led by Helena Pimenta premiered their productions in Almagro but the inauguration of the Teatro de la Comedia had broken this custom to which they return to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the festival. Once again, Álvaro Tato is in charge of this version that will star Rafa Castejón, Marta Poveda, Nuria Gallardo and Joaquín Notario after their success with El perro del hortelano. In addition, other titles will pass through Almagro such as: La judía de Toledo, by Laila Ripoll, and Sueños, a montage by Gerardo Vera in which Juan Echanove gives life to Quevedo.

Download here all the programming and do not miss any detail from July 6 to 30 of the 40th edition..

Almagro, breathe and feel the classics.

The VAT applied to tickets to live shows is 10%

Friday, June 30, 2017

The VAT applied to tickets to live shows is 10%

The law that reduces the VAT applied to tickets to live shows to 10% was published in the Official State Gazette on Wednesday, June 28, and has been in force since yesterday, June 29.

Since June 29, the VAT that is applied to the sale of tickets for live shows is 10%, eleven points less than the one that has been applied since 2012.

For four and a half years the world of culture has been demanding the reduction of VAT, since the Government decided to increase it.

The reduction in the tax rate applies to tickets to libraries, archives and documentation centers, museums, art galleries, art galleries, theaters, circuses, bullfighting festivals, concerts, and other live cultural shows

National and international classical theater in Cervantes' hometown

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

National and international classical theater in Cervantes' hometown

The 17th Edition of the Classics Festival in Alcalá, organized by the Community of Madrid and the City Council of Alcalá de Henares, will fill the Complutense city with performing arts for four weeks, from June 15 to July 9, 2017.

The motto of this edition: "Alma de mal" proposes to revive the classics and their undeniable legacy through a contemporary look charged with the future.

Under this motto, "Alma de mal", 30 companies will present their shows passing through theater, dance, music, performance, cinema...

The Festival program wishes to open a dialogue between established creators and emerging creators who share the same principle: rigor and respect for the classics. The Complutense city, a World Heritage Site, will host 52 activities, 30 national and international companies, 31 shows, 2 international premieres, 5 in Madrid and 7 absolute premieres. They set the map of a wide and heterogeneous program, aimed at many ways of looking, feeling and enjoying the classics.

We leave a link to see the complete program and purchase tickets for the works.

Program and tickets for the Classic Festival in Alcalá

The tenth edition of Circada begins

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Andalusian festival focused on the contemporary circus

X festival Circada 2017

Circada was born in 2008 in Seville with the ambition to grow and consolidate itself as one of the main bets in these performing arts, as is the contemporary circus, not only in Andalusia but at the national level.

Since 2014, Circada also has an OFF section, sponsored by UNIA, which aims to showcase the new creation. A launching pad for young talents, a section that prioritizes creation processes, startups and jobs at the beginning of their shoot. Among the winners of the OFF Circada UNIA are names like Cirk About It, UpArte, Circ Do, the Portuguese Cao a Chuva, recently signed by the Circo del Sol or the Catalans El Cruce.

In 2016, which was its ninth edition, 20,000 viewers enjoyed a program that has become a benchmark for professionals in the sector as a showcase for Andalusian creation and as a meeting and work point.

This tenth edition of Circada is held from June 1 to 12, although since last Friday, May 26, workshops, shows, shows, cabaret, etc. have been held in what is known as PreCircada.

You can consult all the programming in the following link, as well as purchase tickets: Program Circada 2017

INAEM opens a new application period for its aid to music, lyric and dance

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The deadline ends on June 5

New term of aid for music, lyric and dance

The National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), belonging to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, has opened a new deadline for the application for aid to music, lyric and dance corresponding to 2017.

Applicants who had already submitted to the previous January 2017 call are not required to perform the procedure again. The amount of this call, which exceeds 6 million euros, is aimed at public and private companies, autonomous communities, local corporations, non-profit entities, etc.

+ Bases of the call (reading recommended)

The application submission period is open until next Monday, June 5, 2017

International Museum Day hangover

Friday, May 19, 2017

International Museum Day hangover

Yesterday, May 18, the international museum day was celebrated once again. This day has been celebrated around the world since 1977, a date designated during the resolution taken at the XII General Assembly of ICOM (International Council of Museums) in Moscow.

Each year ICOM chooses a motto to bring together the initiatives that are organized in all the institutions for this celebration around it.

"Museums and controversial stories: saying the unspeakable in museums" is the theme chosen for the 39th edition of International Museum Day (DIM).

The museums opened their doors for free throughout the day and many have taken the opportunity to visit and enjoy it. In addition, the museums offered fun and varied activities. In the Reina Sofía museum music sounded, in the fine arts of Seville they gave classes. In the Thyssen museum you will end up with paintings and thanks to computer technology you will be able to pose and photograph yourself inside the paintings until next Sunday the 21st when the students of the Malaga Conservatory of Dance will perform with "The language of emotions".

Scientific museums such as the Fish House, the Aquarium of A Coruña or the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia were also highly visited by the public.

International Museum Day hangover

First losses of the Film Festival

Friday, May 12, 2017

After the conclusion of the XII edition of the Film Festival, it has added 1,510,428 spectators between the three days

First losses of the Film Festival

This edition in which the price of the tickets is set at 2.90 euros during the days 8, 9 and 10 of May, has registered 198,790 tickets sold less than the edition of last May 2016.

On Monday, 414,336 tickets sold were registered, 10,831 tickets less than in the same period of last year's edition.

First losses of the Film Festival

On Tuesday, 519,387 people went to the movies, an increase of 521% compared to Tuesday of the previous weeks. Even so, it is a big drop with the same Tuesday of the 10th edition of the Film Festival (May 2016), specifically a drop of 44,185 less sold tickets.

As a "positive" figure, on Wednesday the half million tickets sold were surpassed, this is a large figure considering that during this day they were competing with the world-wide awaited second leg of the Champions League semifinals between Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid held at the rojiblanco stadium, the Vicente Calderón.

The organizers of this initiative, jointly producers, distributors and exhibitors of the cinema created to encourage the influx to theaters; they maintain that the balance is "positive" and they are "happy" to surpass the million and a half viewers in this edition since they consider a success figures of one million attendees.

The consulting firm Comscore Spain has provided the list of the ten most awarded films during this edition by the public. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 that maintained the leadership of this list for the three days, followed by the comedy and animation film The Boss Baby, in third place the latest installment of the saga of street racers led by Vin Diesel, Fast & Furious 8. Fourth is the movie starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, The Circle.

Next in fifth position is Z, the lost city that has popular actors such as Robert Pattinson, followed by An Italian in Norway and the latest adaptation of the story Beauty and the Beast where Emma Watson repeats in this ranking.

First losses of the Film Festival

In eighth position is the American supernatural horror film Never Say Your Name. The ninth place is occupied by the Spanish film Plan de fuga and the list is closed by Noche de Venganza.

To conclude, it should be mentioned that this event is held twice a year, traditionally the appointment dated in autumn is more massive, regularly touching two million spectators.

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