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XXV Fair of Performing and Musical Arts of Castilla-La Mancha

Monday, October 25, 2021

The Fair, which will bet on season tickets to reach the public, will be held in Albacete from November 2 to 7.

XXV Fair of Performing and Musical Arts of Castilla-La Mancha

The season tickets for this new edition will have different modalities.

  • General subscription with a price of 60€
  • Pass for those already adhered to the Albacete Culture program at a price of 50€
  • Subscription for young people between 16 and 30 years old, with a price of 25€
  • Family pass at the price of 10€

The twenty-fifth edition of this festival will host a total of 34 companies from ten different autonomous communities, eleven of these companies will be from Castilla - La Mancha. Some of these plays that we will be able to attend are “La odisea de Magallanes Elcano”, by Teatro Clásico de Sevilla; “Don Quijote somos todos”, by Teatro del Temple; “Picaros”, by MIC Producciones; "Heredarás la lluvia", by L’om Imprebís; and "Conquistadores", from Proyecto Cultura.

There will also be works such as "El viento es salvaje", by Las niñas de Cádiz; "La Increíble Historia de Juan Latino", by Claroscuro; "Si yo fuera madre", from the Suite; "Carsi", from Noviembre; “DEMO, Elegía del momento”, by The Nose Theater; “Enlorquiadas”, by Compañía Mayte Ballesteros; "Blancanieves", from La Chana or "En el kilómetro 523", from 300 las Blancas.

The festival poster will be completed by performances such as "Francisca", by Productora 099; “La garnacha de los bufones”, by Corrales de comedias; "Everlasting love", by Mayte Olmedilla; "Blu, historia de una semilla", by Naranja lima; “Doble burbuja”, with 7 burbujas acción cultural; "Tesla y Edison", from Ángulo produccines; "La Luna en un cazo (un espectáculo incomprendido)", by Petita Malumaluga; "Este de venir", by Karmento; "Paseando el Swing Swing", by Swing Machine Orchestra; “Versioneando”, by Gemenco; “Prometeo”, by Tupa percussion; "Maletas de tierra", by Visitants escénica; "Run away", by Rolling circus; “Imagina i un circo mágico!”, By Cía Danidanielo; "Un día de cine", from cirk about it; “Lo(w) cos(t) (por bailar)”, by Fernando Hurtado; "Roda", from Marea danza; “En la cuerda floja”, by Ana Morales; “Fantasía”, by Alejandro Lara Dance; "Bat 2021", by Dantzaz; and “¡¡ A Ver !! ...” of Ambulantes teatro y danza.

San Sebastian International Film Festival 2021

Friday, September 10, 2021

San Sebastián once again dresses up to host the 69th edition of its most internationally renowned festival.

In just a few days, Friday, September 17, the 69th edition of the San Sebastián International Film Festival will be eating, which will culminate on Saturday, September 25.

Johnny Depp Donostia Award 2021

This year the names of the popular actor Johnny Depp, awarded with the Donostia award, stand out. And that has caused great controversy generating all kinds of opinions derived from the news and accusations in his private life. Johnny Depp will collect the award, granted to his career, on the 22nd.

The other big prominent name this year will be Marion Cotillard who will receive the honorary award during the opening ceremony on the 17th.

Marion Cotillard Donostia 2021 award

The outstanding Festival is made up of three areas:


  • San Sebastián's film program consists of around 200 films selected in six competitive sections (Official Section, New Directors, Horizontes Latinos, Zabaltegi-Tabakalera, Perlak and Nest) and in seven non-competitive (Culinary Zinema, Made in Spain, Zinemira , Velodrome, Children's Cinema, Retrospective and Klasikoak).


  • In addition to selecting and showing films to an audience of spectators, specialized media and professionals from the film industry, the San Sebastian Festival promotes projects in development and films in post-production phase (the so-called “Works in progress”) directed more specifically to professionals in the film industry. In this section, the Festival has two programs: WIP Latam for Latin American productions and WIP Europe for European productions. The Festival also promotes three calls for projects: the Ikusmira Berriak project development residence, which offers space, context and time - eight weeks - to five audiovisual proposals; the Co-Production Forum, an initiative for film projects in development in Europe and Latin America, which helps production companies find partners on both sides of the Atlantic and enhance their access to the international market, and the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge, a competition aimed at new European companies with technological projects applied to the audiovisual sector.
  • Likewise, the Festival organizes Proyecta -a presentation of film projects that seek co-production between Europe and Latin America- together with Ventana Sur, the most relevant film market in Latin America, and the Producers Network - Marché du Film of the Cannes Festival, and collaborates in the Lau Haizetara Documentary Co-Production Forum, promoted by IBAIA (Association of Audiovisual Producers of the Basque Country)

Thought and debate

  • The San Sebastian Festival wants to underline its character as a meeting place and transmission of knowledge through Thought and debate, an umbrella that groups together activities that promote dialogue about cinema from an industrial, creative and educational perspective and programs that generate opportunities and dealers. This area includes everything from the master classes, the Zinemaldia Meetings and the Horizontes Breakfasts, open to those accredited and also to the public, to activities specifically aimed at professionals in the film industry and specialized media such as talks and round tables. on relevant topics for the sector, the master class and the presentations of Zinemaldia & Technology, festival programmers' meetings or debates on the phenomenon of series.
  • The area of thought and debate around cinema takes place throughout the year at the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, promoted by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, where the Festival, together with Tabakalera and the Basque Film Library, has conceptualized a thought center , research, experimental practice and pedagogical innovation around the past, present and future of cinema. One of the fruits of the collaboration with EQZE is the research project Zinemaldia 70. All possible stories, which aims to generate a living archive that encourages reflection and discussion on the past, present and future of the Festival to Through the documentary collections (letters, photography, criticisms and reviews published in newspapers and magazines, books ...) preserved since 1953.

San Sebastian International Film Festival 2021

Programa completo 69 SSIFF 2021

Summer 2021: Outdoor Culture

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Theater festivals recently ended, such as the Cáceres Theater Festival held from June 10 to 27; Summer Scenes Festival in the Community of Madrid, which was held between July 23 and 25, the Alcalá Classics Festival, the Castillo de Peñíscola Classic Theater Festival or the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival held between the 1st and the 25th of July.

In a difficult year for culture, many spectators have managed to enjoy some touches of art thanks to the recovery of some of the festivals that last year 2020 could not be held due to the current pandemic.

Summer 2021: Outdoor Culture

Theater, dance, music, performances, circus ... have had to adapt despite being the sector most affected by the situation, with permission from the hotel and tourism industry. The impetus, vocation and strength of those who love this world of artistic expression have allowed that great classics of the country with great international recognition do not die.

Light begins to be seen at the end of a long tunnel from which not all will leave, so with responsibility and prudence we must recover that routine life that many times we did not know how to value. Enjoy a great performance, a fun circus, an exciting dance, a vibrant concert or a good movie.

When traveling on vacation, you should not forget to enjoy all these cultural shows, many of which take place in the open air for a short period of time.

As recommendations of great recognition, the 22 Olite Theater Festival (from July 16 to August 1), the 67th edition of the International Classic Theater Festival of Mérida (from June 25 to August 22), Veranos del Tatro Romano de Itálica until August 7, 15 Classic Olmedo Festival until August 1, Grec Festival officially until July 31, although many performances will end throughout August.

How to forget Sagunto, which will fill its streets with music, dance, theater and circus once again with the 38th edition of the Sagunt a Scene Festival from August 4 to 29.

The Fair and Festivities in honor of the Virgen de las Viñas de Tomelloso 2021 begin

Thursday, July 12, 2021

Full program

The Fair and Festivities in honor of the Virgen de las Viñas de Tomelloso 2021 begin
    Thursday, August 12
  • 12:00h Antonio López Torres Museum. Opening Exhibition LII Painting and Drawing Exhibition Contest "Ciudad de Tomelloso"
  • 12:00h Posada de los Portales. Opening of the XXI Exhibition of Photography Contest "Ciudad de Tomelloso"

    Saturday August 14
  • 20:30h Sanctuary of Pinilla. Brother's day
  • 21:00h DeporFeriaT. Trial Bike Exhibition

    Sunday August 15
  • 07:00h DeporFeriaT. 2nd MTB Tom-Bike Marathon
  • 07:30h Sanctuary of Pinilla, Transfer of the Blessed Virgin of the Vineyards
  • 09:30h Parking Velodrome Ciudad Deportiva. Archery

    Friday, August 20
  • 19:00h DeporFeriaT. Beach Tennis. Beach Tennis Tournament
  • 22:00h Plaza de España. Concert of the Musical Union Fair "Ciudad de Tomelloso"

    Saturday, August 21
  • 09:00h DeporFeriaT. Beach Tennis
  • 10:00h to 14:00h DeporFeriaT Chess
  • 17:00h DeporFeriaT. Indoor football
  • 18:00h DeporFeriaT. XII Trophy Fair and Festivities of Cycling Schools
  • 18:45h DeporFeriaT. Indoor football
  • 20:00h Parish of the Assumption of Our Lady. Tribute to the Patron Saint the Blessed Virgin of the Vineyards
  • 22:00h Plaza de España. XL Folklore Festival "Ciudad de Tomelloso"
  • 23:00h Plaza de España. Appointment of Gañan 2021

    Sunday, August 22
  • 09:00h DeporFeriaT. Beach Tennis. Beach Tennis Tournament
  • 09:30h DeporFeriaT. Cycling C.R.I. Individual CC Sport Tomelloso
  • 19:30h DeporFeriaT. Soccer. Tomelloso City Trophy "Memorial Jesús Úbeda"
  • 20:00h Plaza de España. VIII Traditional Harvest Festival
  • 22:30h Plaza de España. Fair Concert of the Musical Association "Santa Cecilia"

    August 21-23
  • 21:00h Parish of the Assumption of Our Lady: Triduum in honor of Our Lady The Holy Virgin of the Vineyards

    Tuesday, August 24
  • 20:00h Plaza de España, LV Harvest Festival
  • 24:00h End of Concordia street. Traditional gunpowder

    Wednesday, August 25. Day of the Blessed Virgin of the Vineyards
  • 08:30h DeporFeriaT. Golf. XVIII Fair and Party Tournament 18 holes Individual Sta-Breford
  • 11:00h Parish of the Assumption of Our Lady. Solemn Religious Function in honor of the Blessed Virgin of Las Viñas
  • 12:00h Plaza de España. Traditional Puja
  • 19:30h Plaza de España. Children's musical "Snowman"
  • 23:30h Plaza de España. Musical "How we have changed"
  • 23:30h Municipal Football Stadium "Paco Gálvez" Los Zigarros Concert

    Thursday, August 26. Children's Day
  • 21:30h Children's Show "Cantajuegos Music Party"
  • 13:00h Show "Children's Disco Party"
  • 19:00h Bullring. Spectacular Bullfight
  • 21:00h Municipal Soccer Stadium Paco Gálvez. Atlanta Cantajuegos children's music festival
  • 22:30h Plaza de España. Variety Show

    Friday August 27
  • 11:00h to 3:00 p.m. Plaza de España. Yellow Humor
  • 11:30h López Torres Municipal Auditorium. Tribute to the absent
  • 12:30h Spain Square. Traditional Puja
  • 21:30h Children's Musical Show "The Ecological Brigade"
  • 22:00h Spain Square. Zarzuela Grand Gala
  • 23:00h Municipal Soccer Stadium "Paco Galvez". Álvaro de Luna Concert

    Saturday August 28
  • 08:00h DeporFeriaT. Fishing. Fishing Fair and Festivities Contest
  • 09:00h DeporFeriaT. Caliche. Caliche Fair and Festivities Local Championship
  • 11:00h a 15:00h Spain Square. Aquatic Sports Party
  • 20:00h DeporFeriaT. Handball
  • 20:00h Municipal Theater "Marcelo Grande" Viñadores 2021
  • 23:00h Municipal Football Stadium "Paco Gálvez". Demarco Flamenco Concert

    Sunday, August 29
  • 09:00h DeporFeriaT. Petanque
  • 10:00h Parade of Reatas, Chariots and Mules
  • 12:30h Spain Square. Traditional Puja
  • 13:00h Children's show Clown Achus
  • 19:30h DeporFeriaT. Tribute
  • 22:30h Spain Square. Choir Festival Rocieros
  • 23:00h Municipal Football Stadium "Paco Gálvez". Sabineras Nights Tribute Concert

    Monday, August 30
  • 18:30h Tomelloso Town Hall. Reception of the Madrinas and Patrino, Awarded Authors, Maintainer and Authorities
  • 19:30h Municipal Theater "Marcelo Grande". LXX Edition of the Festival of Letters City of Tomelloso
  • 23:00h Gardens of the Park. End of party charity dinner in favor of AFAS Plena Inclusión
  • 24:00h TRACA announces the end of the Fair and Festivities 2021
  • 01:30h Gardens of the Constitution Park. End of Festivities Concert. Montecristo Orchestra

    Sunday, September 5
  • 08:00h Parish of the Assumption of Our Lady. Transfer of the Blessed Virgin of the Vineyards to the Sanctuary of Pinilla

The Fair and Festivities 2021 program may undergo changes due to organizational problems and the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic

Open-air cinema ... from the pool

Friday, July 23, 2021

The Orcera swimming pool once again hosts aquatic cinema sessions

Open-air cinema ... from the pool

The “famous” swimming pool of Amurjo de Orcera welcomes one more year a movie night from the water where dozens of people enjoy the session from boats, mats, floats, etc; in addition to the stands. Those attending the session on Wednesday 21st were able to enjoy the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean."

It is an initiative of the Orcera city council that already had its first edition in July 2019 with the broadcast of the film “Tiburon” in which it was attended by the Provincial Deputy for Promotion and Tourism, Francisco Javier Lozano, who highlighted the importance of building a unique event in a pool of such dimensions.

Already the debut had a great acceptance from the residents of Orcera and nearby towns with an entry of more than 300 people.

Open-air cinema ... from the pool

Sala Off and the Talía Theater host musicals, classical dramaturgies and of their own creation

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Off Performing Arts began its annual theater festival on June 17, which will run during the months of June and July, culminating with its characteristic “Offcars” gala.

Together with the Talía Theater, they will bring to the public a total of 32 works where the spectator will be able to enjoy theater of all genres, musicals and even short films.

Sala Off and the Talía Theater host musicals, classical dramaturgies and of their own creation

Musicals, one of the hallmarks of Off Performing Arts

The Valencian venue is recognized among the public for the quality of the musical proposals it offers and in this case, it bets on one of the heavyweights of childhood: Mary Poppins. Based on the story that we all know, the show features live actors flying and brings topics such as equality or class differences to the table through fun songs for the whole family.

“We do our musicals in a big way. We do not want anything to be left in the inkwell. If Mary Poppins flies, our actors and actresses do too. It has been a tough job adapting the original. It will become familiar to the public but there will also be surprises. ” says Pedro Giménez, director of the assembly and of the Sala Of

Along with Mary Poppins, there are proposals for short pieces for children and young people of famous musicals brought to the big screen and which have also been premiered on Broadway.

Grease, an international benchmark in musical culture, with which the viewer can relive the story of Danny and Sandy; Sweet Charity, where we will introduce ourselves to the story of the dancer Charity Hope; School of rock, a class whose teacher Dewey Finn will make you bring out all the talent they have inside; and A Chorus Line, where the experiences and motives that led the protagonists to dedicate themselves to the world of dance are explored.

Classic and contemporary theater with professional direction

An earth-hard story interspersed with fantastic elements through the arrival of La Luna and La Mendiga. Lorca's tragedy will be present with Blood Wedding on the stage of the Sala Off under the direction of José Zamit. With the same director, from Lorca we went on to Shakespeare and his. Much ado about nothing with the story of the "stormy lovers" Beatriz and Benedicto.

Shakespeare makes a double appearance at this festival, in this case, by the actress and director Anaïs Duperrein, who will direct the assembly of another of the great works of the English playwright: Richard III.

In addition to these great classics, we can also enjoy contemporary authors such as Peter Weiss, with Marat Sade "La Cordura de la locura" (also conducted by Duperrein's baton) and La Indagación directed by the playwright Javier Sahuquillo, where we will attend a trial on the crimes of Auschwitz.

Another author who will be present through his work will be Wagdi Mouwad with Litoral, and of whom, recently, we were able to enjoy one of his works in the Sala Off itself, starring Hovik Keuchkerian (La Casa de Papel, Anti-riot): A howitzer in the heart.

Original creations and immersive experiences

Among all the offer we find several original creations that will take us to different themes:

Every end is always a beginning, an original musical written by Mamen Mengó and the main cast that reflects a large part of the reality of all those young people who want to dedicate themselves to the performing arts and all the fears, doubts, and emotions that arise around the make that decision. This includes songs from famous musicals such as Cabaret, Hairspray, Les Miserables, Chicago or La la land.

The playwrights Rubén Rodríguez and David Mallols, respectively, propose two exclusive pieces for this festival: Dangerous Ideas and A Mystery for Desserts, comedies both arising from improvisations by the cast that stars in them.

Not only the live will have a place at the festival. We will be able to enter the screen with the visualization of the short film 2137, written and directed by Tonet Ferrer. A thriller where the protagonist is crime and supernatural phenomena.

We can also live an immersive experience through The art of knowing you. A way of experiencing theater from a therapeutic point of view and that will make us question some of our values and principles.

Escuela Off, a benchmark in Valencian stage training

All these proposals will be represented by the students of the Off School, who through the Professional Training Cycles and the intensive Continuous Courses, have been working to show the public the skills acquired.

90 performances carried out by almost 400 theater-loving students who promise to accompany us during the first two months of summer and make us enjoy a great variety of the scenic genre.

To all this list of works, there are more demanding proposals or that question our day-to-day life, such as Dying, a moment before or Wild Nature; Awake princess, Jekyll and Hyde, Extraordinary Women or Threshold, with the figure of the woman as the protagonist of these stories; The bitch shore of the world, a satirical criticism about the violation of human rights born as a result of a dramaturgy workshop by José Sanchis Sinisterra; o Crimen y Telón, by the popular Madrid company Ron Lalá.

In the same way, adaptations of originals have been made such as Discovering Peter Pan, Los Odioso 8 or Me cago en el Misterio (based on Amanece another day, by José Luis Cuerda).

We can also listen to the voice and concerns of our young people with Fable or Punk rock; or introduce us to an aura of mystery and tension with Murder at the Waldorf Mansion (based on Anthony Pratt's game) and The Mousetrap (Agatha Christie).


Aid for housing rehabilitation in Castilla-La Mancha amounts to 4.2 million

Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has announced that it will expand aid for the rehabilitation of single-family homes and individual flats by 2.4 million euros for the current call for aid from line B and C of the State Housing Plan. In this way, a total of 4.2 million euros will be earmarked for energy renovation, conservation and building accessibility works.

Aid for housing rehabilitation in Castilla-La Mancha amounts to 4.2 million

The objectives of this line of aid are to promote conservation and accessibility and improve the comfort of buildings and homes, promoting energy renovation and thus, adopting new sustainable consumption habits, which means energy and economic savings.

As explained by the Minister of Development, Nacho Hernando, the 2.4 million euros with which the budget is expanded comes from the investment that was going to be allocated next year. In this way, those 2.4 million euros are added to the 1.8 million that were initially going to be allocated in 2021, reaching a total of 4.2 million euros. The line of aid is aimed at rehabilitating single-family homes and individual flats, and with this expansion in the budget, the number of 1,125 beneficiaries that already existed in the current call will be doubled.

Help line B and C

Through these grants, two types of actions are subsidized. On the one hand, works that promote and improve energy efficiency and sustainability, paying special attention to the building envelope of the homes, and therefore the entire building; and on the other, works to improve conservation and accessibility inside homes, such as those related to the state of conservation of the foundations, structure and facilities, or those related to improving accessibility in bathrooms and kitchens, installation of ramps , elevators or stair lifts. Likewise, 40% of the cost of the action is subsidized, and may reach 75%.

The person in charge of Development pointed out the need to bet on the rehabilitation of houses due to the positive impact it has on the economic recovery, encouraging the construction sector and creating jobs. In addition, through rehabilitation, decent, adequate and safe housing is promoted.

Other calls for aid for rehabilitation

Currently there are other calls for aid for the rehabilitation of housing, such as aid for the rehabilitation of common areas of residential buildings, for an amount of 8.8 million euros, whose deadline for submitting applications is open until 21 February.

On the other hand, the deadline for submitting applications is open, until July 31, 2021, for the call for grants for energy renovation actions in existing residential buildings, amounting to 4.6 million euros, the purpose of which is contribute to achieving environmental and energy objectives that favor the reduction of final energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, through energy savings, improved energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

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